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Build a free website on SiteBuilder offers a very easy to use, intuitive website builder platform for beginners.

The Sitey Review: Are you claiming to be D.C.'s most popular site builder, but will it work for you?

Site is a do-it-yourself website creator available in English, French, English, Dutch, German, Spain, Italy and Portugese. Sitey was founded in 2014 and is associated with other website developers such as, and Siteey handles everything in the backend, from webhosting to server management and domainsensing.

This means that you are only liable for things related to the frontend of your website. Your Sitey page's fundament is the subject. Sitey's entire template is fully optimised for portable device, which is a function activated for those with subscription fees (visitors to websites created by people with free schedules do not see the portable version of these websites...).

In order to facilitate the website edits, you get a previews option (including one that shows your site's look to mobiles when you choose a pay subscription) and the option to store your changes without publication. You will also receive essential e-mail marketing functions, such as managing your mailinglists, creating forms for subscribers to your listing, and databases to help you administer your contacts records, unsubscribe inquiries, and other communication with your guests.

In order to turn your website and your blogs into a fully-fledged on-line shop, you can incorporate the picture galeries provided to view your items and incorporate them into your PayPal accounts to process your payment. When you need extra capabilities, you can purchase a premium paid subscription to extra capabilities that make your website more specific to stores, index ing your product to searchengines, and provide prioritization assistance if you encounter problems.

Sitey's homepage maintains that it is a 100% free website creation utility that we found to be quite insincere. Surely you can have a five -page website hosted for free and get 50 megabytes of disk space, 5 megabytes of files uploaded and 1 GB of bandwith, but to do more, you need to choose one of the three pay per visit subscriptions.

Free subscription subscribers get only a few of the Sitey functions for creating websites, some of which are quite simple (e.g. the free of charge charity links). Starter Schedule, which is the lowest priced payed schedule, brings you a Domainname, web host for your website, Google Adwords and Bing Ad Credits and the removing of Sitey ads on your website.

They have 1 GB of hard drive space and are restricted to 10 GB of upload files and 2 GB of bandwith. Pro Planet, the most widely-used feature, offers you everything in the Starter Planet, as well as search engine optimization help and cell phone template help. They have 5 GB hard drive space and are restricted to 25 GB files upload and 10 GB bandwith.

Built on the Pro Plans, the Pro Plans deliver free commercial mail service, preferred customer service, and the option to make payment to turn your website or blogs into a complete on-line shop. They have 10 GB of hard drive space and are restricted to 50 Mbytes of file upload.

It is the only scheme that gives you limitless bandwith, so if you have a great website, this is the scheme for you. Whether you want to subscribe on a per-month base or you want to make advance payments for a one- or two-year policy, you can do it. Sitey provides rebates that match the duration of your agreement - the longer your agreement, the more you are saving.

Upgrading your subscriptions is easy anytime using the Sitey dashboard, which is available through the drag-and-drop editing panel. With the purchase of your hosted suite, you can choose add-ons to enhance the features and capabilities of your suite, such as Sitey's General Conditions allow the organisation to charge you for the next month's performance up to 15 calendar nights before the beginning of the following one.

Therefore, if you wish to reverse your schedule, you must do so at least 30 and a half business days before. When you have obtained a free domainname and wish to keep it after cancelling your Sitey account, you can buy the domainname (or get a reimbursement less the costs of registering the domain).

Each new user will get a free 14-day Sitey evaluation version, but if you end up buying a sign-up and it's not right for you, you can take full benefit of the full pay-back warranty and get a full reimbursement of all Website Builder charges within the first 14 working days of your Sitey sign-up (if you pay via PayPal or using a major debit card).

Please be aware that this reimbursement does not cover registry charges, set up charges or additional charges. Sitey has an in-depth knowledge base that you can access at any point if you ever need help. But if you want to get in contact with the Sitey support staff, you can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, e-mail or website forms.

Sitey might be just the thing for you if you are looking for a professionally looking website and don't want to go through the hassle of buying web hostings, registration of a domainname and managing servers. Website Builders offer several hundred topics to select from to ensure that you can find something that suits your needs, but is not used by many other websites.

Sitey's audiences are people with no backgrounds in engineering or designing, so you can be sure that everything you need to do can be done quickly and simply. Most importantly, for those who want to expand or need to create a great website. Sitey imposes some severe restrictions on sites created with its platforms, such as hard drive capacity and bandwith allocation.

In order to make the solution as simple as possible for as many users as possible, there are often no alternative - for example, Sitey offers packaged solutions with common web services. When you need better services or quicker hosted services, there is no way to get an upgraded to VPS hosted (although you can afford "speed improvements").

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