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Do you need a cheap DIY website builder with built-in basic marketing? synopsis The Sitey is a pro -quality website that provides a drag-and-drop user experience and many interesting functions, among them nice ready-to-use template, web optimisation tool, e-commerce implementation and shared button functions. provides a large repository of website template designs that are not only eye-catching but also free to use. Any template developed for Sitey sites is 100% portable.

Dragging & Dropping Editors - Sitey provides an enhanced dragging & dropping editors that allows you to place various items such as text, pictures, video, etc. on your pages. For SEO Tools & Site Stats - Adds your own set of words to quickly and simply index your website and increase your exposure to popular and popular websites such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Create a store - adding an e-shop to your website and starting to sell your product to your clients. provides a free map. Featuring a rates as low as $9.94 per month, the StarterPlan offers good value for your money, especially that you get a free domains and webhosting.

While they may seem more costly, the pro and e-commerce schemes, with $14.94 and $22.44 per month respectively, deliver even better value for your investment due to the expert functionality they deliver. In addition, when you sign up for one of the three Sitey Premier Plan products, you will receive promotional credits that will help you advertise your newly started website.

Success in providing after sales service will depend on the subscription you have. When you choose the eCommerce Plan, you get round-the-clock prioritized assistance. Others get paid a fee for their services and get techies, and you can also take advantage of the tutorials contained in their extensive FAQ section, or get in contact with Sitey Help by opening a tickets page on-line.

Overall, Sitey is a great toolset that comes at really reasonable rates, especially if you are looking for a professionally e-commerce website creator that will allow you to build nice looking web pages and run a great webshop. Eric has seven years of proven track record in successfully helping a number of high-profile businesses and private clients build and deploy their favorite Web sites.

Siteys is a great place to be. I' m totally happy with what I'm getting for the cash I bought. I' ve never even listened to Sitey before, but I've chosen to try it. It is very simple to use.

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