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That' s how skin care gets there - after the serum and (optionally) before your last moisturiser. However, how you use an emulsion really depends on your skin type. When you have dry skin, you may wonder what the point is, but keep your judgment. It helps the skin to maintain its fat/moisture balance and nourishes the skin. The peaches contain important vitamins, minerals and other factors that promote healthy skin.

Differentiation of skin care products | #SkinHacks by porcelain

As the number and choice of cosmetic treatments increases, all announcing that they will address a particular skin condition and are appropriate for different skin styles, the choice of the right skin treatment may become a major issue. For example, take the moisturiser. While most of us know the importance of using a moisturiser to moisturise our skin, how many of us know the differences between an emulsion, loop or cream/gel-based moisturiser.

Sunscreen usually has a thickened texture that is able to remain on the skin longer. Applying sunscreen deflects radiation before it enters your skin. Sunscreens, on the other side, absorb ultraviolet radiation to avoid your skin absorbing it. Contains chemical substances such as Avobenzon, Oxybenzon etc. which can cause skin irritations or hypersensitive skin conditions.

If you have delicate skin, use a suntan lotion instead of sunscreen. They may have become more expensive than your normal moisturiser. The reason for this is that they contain a high level of active substances that are tailored to meet your skin's particular needs and also help your skin absorb moisture.

The essence, on the other side, contains important substances which supply the skin with nutrition. Moulds and tonics are light types of cream, so they are generally better suited for those with delicate skin. There is a straightforward distinction between emulsion and loop - the loop is thinner than the emulsion. If you have ultra-thin and delicate skin, it is best to use an emulsion that is less irritating to your skin or blocks your skin pore.

Gel based moisturisers are usually the skin's thinest and simplest to quickly enter your skin. However, because gel-based moisturisers are not as abundant as cream-based moisturisers, they are less likely to block your skin's natural cellular structure. Moisturizing creme is the wealthiest of all and is best suited for either dehydrated or ultra-dry skin.

Our experiences have shown that the Singapore weather causes you to have greasy skin that looks dehydrated on the skin surfaces. That means a cream-based moisturiser is probably too abundant for your skin. Do not use cream-based moisturisers as they can block your skin and your skin voids!

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