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Generally, an emulsion is like a moisturizer, but slightly more watery. Seal everything with a face lotion or cream to prevent the nutrients from evaporating. Facial Skincare FAQ: Which is an emulsion? Which is an emulsion and what is the difference to a moisturizing cream? Here you will learn everything you need to know about emulsion, a Kbeauty heritage solution.

It is a term that seems to be tossed around a great deal in the K-Beauty Worlds, but no one ever seems able to give a clear, coherent response to what it is or why it should be used.

My memory goes back to the first times I got a rehearsal emulsion, and I had no idea what to do with it, and to my consternation, neither did the salesman who gave it to me. Abstractions, however, are a cornerstone of Korea's skin treatment and provide a number of advantages.

Therefore I chose that it was up to me to find out what an emulsion is, what it does and how it can be used. Which is an emulsion and what is the difference to a cream? Moisturising cream is a light version of a moisturising cream. In contrast to most heavier face care products, emulsion products are usually water-based, which means they are light and thin than cream products.

There are some cases of emulsion in the form of gels or almost liquids. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Emulsion, for example, has a gel-like, erratic texture that is applied like a gel. Not only does this affect the way it is felt, it also affects how it lies on the skin. By and large, emulsion absorbs much faster into the skin and does not fit on the skin like some cream.

On this picture there is an emulsion on the leftside and a moisturizing cream on the right: What do emulsion products do? Moisturizing agents are emulsion. It offers many of the same advantages as a cream, only in a light weight formulation. Designed to act as a barrier to moisturize and seal off all the moisturizing and beneficial properties of your essences and your bloodlines.

Yet many individuals use emulsion as a continuation of their treatments, not just as a moisturiser. Goodal Double Bright Emulsion, for example, is enriched with Paeonia Japanoica Extracts and Hydular Active Ingredients to lighten, pale and strengthen the skin's hydration barriers. This emulsion makes sure for those who use whitening and serum extracts that the moisturising stage of their treatments promotes the proportion of treatments and incorporates the quality of all previous stages.

The emulsion is the intermediate between sera and cream. It' not quite as easy as a cream, but not quite as hard as a cream. It is also not as focused as sera, but more focused than heavier crèmes. That' s how skin treatment goes exactly there - after the skin cream and (optionally) before your last moisturiser.

However, how you use an emulsion really depends on your skin tone. Moisturizers for every skin type: In the case of very greasy skin, an emulsion can be a good choice as it is the last moisturising stage before SPF is applied. And the fact that they are easier, water-based and more absorbable makes them appealing to those with greasy skin to get the moisture your skin needs without the bulk and shine of a cream.

Plus, if you are living in a place that gets warm and damp, an emulsion can be a good way to keep your skin cold and slightly warm while providing the humidity it needs. You should, however, make sure that the emulsion you use is specifically hydrated to ensure that your skin does not get the quick end of the stick to it.

Enature Bird Juice Hydro Emulsion is a good choice as it is enriched with bird cherry juice, aspic seed and camomile to provide the skin with a strong amount of hydration while providing a lightweight, milk texture. You can use an emulsion to remove oils, impurities and surplus tallow for mixed and acne-prone skin.

You can do this by emulsifying the entire face or certain areas such as the T-zone. Cosrx Skin Returns Emulsion contains naturally occurring BHA's that free the skin from necrotic skin cell and surplus oil, while Asian Hyaluronic Skin Oil and Hyaluronic Concentrate provide moisturizing and moisturizing benefits.

Or if you have the feeling that your skin needs more hydration, you can go after it with a cream - it's up to you! If you' re in my warehouse fighting off drier skin, emulsion seriously saves lives. As you apply the emulsion and cream, the emulsion retains the hydration from your previous moves and the cream can focus on simply dipping into the skin and further moisturizing it.

You can also add a face lotion to your emulsion for even more hydration, as the emulsion is water-based and adding an lotion means your skin gets both hydrated and oily. Each evening I end my skin caring routines by putting on The Face Shop Chia Seed hydrating emulsion blended with a few droplets of rose hip seed oils and then continuing it with my heavier cream.

Yeah, my skin is really sober. However, since I have been using an emulsion, my skin has awakened and feels moist and smooth and I felt that it has been helping my nights cream to be more efficient. Also, in the cold winters when my skin fights icy New York breezes, I put on the emulsion in the mornings and this additional moisturizing coating really does save the days.

Ultimately, it makes perfect sense why it was so difficult to determine emulsions: because they have different applications and uses for different people. As with the treatments, it will depend on your needs which emulsion you use and how you use it. However, whether you are trying to find a light moisturiser for damp conditions, or whether you are looking for an extra moisturiser to help prevent your skin from dehydrating, emulsion can certainly find its way into your daily routines.

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