slime jet

The Slimjet is a fast, intelligent and powerful web browser based on the Blink engine. Flaspeak also recommends users of SlimBrowser to upgrade to SlimJet, as support for SlimBrowser will be discontinued in the near future. Web Browser Slimjet, free and secure download. Newest Slimjet Web Browser version: The Slimjet web browser: a free alternative to Chrome-based surfing.

The fastest web browsers that block all advertisements and protect your private sphere.

Do more in less while using the quickest and most effective web browsers. NETWORK: Welcome to the ONLY web browsers that block ALL advertisementsutomatically. Slimjet has been taken from the Open-Source Chrome Projekt and does not return user information like Chrome to Google. In addition, Slimjet is equipped with the most sophisticated anti-tracking technologies to prevent various efforts to intrude on your private sphere (such as tracing your identities or describing your behavior) by conducting pushy business.

Browsers start quicker, pages load quicker, sensitive interface with industry-leading blink engines. Equipped with strong functionality and flexibility, Slimjet does more for each and every end users without the need for plug-ins. Automated antiphishing and anti-malware security, enhanced data security controls, rugged sandbox multi-process architectures. Increase your browser's power by conserving space, reducing the amount of RAM, reducing your CPU usage, and reducing the amount of bandwith your displays consume.

A turbo-charged downloading engine that uses a number of simultaneous links to load data up to 12x quicker. You can also continue a downloading task between browsing session. More intelligent and comfortable than the simple Chrome passwords management. It is also possible to unzip an MPEG3 document from the downloadable one.

With Slimjet, the user can customise the symbol bar and add/remove extra button to quickly gain quick and easy acces to other functions and functions. The Slimjet is fully compliant with most plug-ins and extensions for Chromes like Adblock Plus, RoboForm, LastPass, Avast Online Security, etc. And it is fully compliant with all chromed topics. In Slimjet you'll find sophisticated and versatile anti-tracking capabilities to avoid various tries to trace your identities and describe your behaviour.

With Slimjet, you can simply split your visit to a hyperlink, text block or picture on your own website with a click of the icon on the Wallboard. Included in Slimjet is a photo salon where you can create various effect settings or create nice borders for your pictures before they are added.

Autocompress your pictures in web-optimized resolutions so they can be up to 20 uploads quicker. Rather than having a complete website translated into the user interface idiom, you can use Slimjet to easily convert a website or text between any two user interface idioms. The full supporting of gestures is in Slimjet.

The Slimjet offers many extra features and preferences so you can adjust the web interface to your preferences instead of being compelled to take everything as it is, without any choices. With Slimjet you can create long nicknames for long addresses that are difficult to memorize.

Any bookmarks, histories and other preferences in Slimjet are synchronized via the clamp via the automatic synchronization process. The Slimjet is an incredible web browsing application - quicker, more robust and more adaptable than anything else out there. The Slimjet is one of the best web browers I've ever used. It is a chromed forks, but it's better than big name because it has more flexibility, it's more adaptable and it's equipped with many good functions.

I' ve tried thousands of different web-browsers but none of them is as full, quick, customizable and safe as Slimjet. I' ve just slimjet together with the suggested ad book. The Slimjet is official my standard webwser. It outperforms any other web browsing application I've tried in regards to speeds and power. The Slimjet works great on my old Windows XP Userbox.

The change from Chrome to Slimjet was child's play for me. Chrome does a lot of things using concealed buttons. With Slimjet, I can get great functionality with a few single mouse clicks. What's more, it's a few mouse clicks away. Quickly get fast track to additional favorites hyperlinks and directories with the Favorites page pane. This is a handy button for quickly disabling all the desktop alerts that many Chrome patrons find bothersome.

Supported log-in ID and preferential passwords added to the Chrome auto fill function. At the right end of the box is a dropdown icon that allows the user to quickly change between different browsers. Controls include register auto enable, register auto create, register insert order, and more.

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