Small Business Templates

Templates for small businesses

You can download our tools and templates for use in your company. Many small businesses find that a good template is a good starting point for the project, which has the advantage of saving a lot of time, money and frustration. As you prepare for the launch of a start-up, a small business budget template can be a useful tool.

Templates for Excel and Word

No matter whether you're setting up a new business or just trying to find a cost-effective way to do your current business, these Excel and Word templates are always a good place to work. Many small companies consider a good submission to be a good point of departure for the venture, which has the advantage of conserving a lot of valuable resources, money and disappointment.

The majority of the business templates in the following is clearly identified as "FREE". Templates that are not free can still be downloaded as a free copy with reduced features or as a free test copy. The templates are sold under two different licensing arrangements. Licence that allows the use of templates throughout your organization and is not constrained by a stand-alone licence of use.

Certain business templates may also have limitations or exemptions, such as orders, bank statements, or bills. There is also a limited licence for some of our templates and financials and templates. Essential invoice template for Excel that assists with basic invoice requests. Adaptable to your business needs.

A collection of templates for making invoices for services that are appropriate for all companies and private persons who offer services to their customers and not goods. A professional invoice templates for companies dealing with the selling and shipment of goods. Pro forma invoices help to indicate the value of commerce, whether the goods or services are physically goods or services, and include any pre-delivery delivery charges.

Ease of use, print-ready statement templates that can help saving your clients valuable amount of effort when you send them bank statement or invoices. Simplified package note templates that help minimise mistakes in ordering and shipment procedures and indicate the quantity of goods dispatched. Printer friendly quote templates that help you generate quotations on the basis of per-hour hour rate for work offered by your organization or for your catalogues.

Easy order form that can be adapted to your business needs and will help you place and ship orders in just a few moments. Upload the free sales receipt templates for your company that will help you streamline the document creation for your clients and help you reduce your costs.

Customisable and printed rental receipt templates to help you reduce the amount of paperwork required to create rental receipt for your renters. Easy delivery bill templates that are suitable for most bill templates. TimeCard for Excel allows you to keep an eye on the amount of work required to complete each task in the team. With the Payroll Calculator you can easily compute your company's payroll and simply printout the payroll for your staff as well as manage the annual statement.

Pre-printed two-week and one-week timesheets for use in any company with many staff, helping to keep tabs on working times, extra working times, holiday periods and week-to week wage rates. With this printable week note templates you can switch your staff on and off before and after the pause. Contains a bi-weekly release (on a seperate worksheet) that can be used to capture times in either December or hour formats.

A simple weekly timesheet templates to track the amount of work that has been done on several projects or several jobs during the year. Just take the IN and Timeout times to compute the sum of our values. Simple to use shift schedule that allows you to rotate employees in just a few moments and printed personal schedules for each one.

Easy to use Staff Rotational Plan templates that help set up and keep tracking your personnel rotations for the chosen periods. It uses conditioned formating to emphasize cell values, which can help differentiate workdays from weekend or holiday. Check your drinks stock with this Drinks inventory templates for excel that will help you keep tabs on your drinks keylines, determine your return on investment, and reduce your drinks wastage.

Check your grocery stock, your profit margins and your expenses with this grocery stocktaking tool. Monitor your grocery stock every week to help minimize grocery losses and sustain your return on investment. The Recipe Calculator will help you determine the price of the ingredient, labor, and tools you used to make the meal. You can use this calculator to determine the price of all drinks and other accessories used in the making of cocktails.

Compute your winnings, sells and charges, keep tabs on your coverage dates and generate quarterly and quarterly reporting for your restaurants or cafes with this convenient income statement tool. Prepare a financial budget for your productivity- or service-oriented company, estimate expenditures, taxes, effects of price increases, prepare a financial statement and a forecast of your future financial flows for up to 5 years.

You can use the P&L carryforward to compute your company's full-year P&L for the quarter. The purpose of this presentation is to provide an initial earnings forecast for up to four tangible goods or sevices per year. Define the pecuniary strength of your company and supervise your asset values and debts over a three-year term with this balance sheet presentation.

Extensive spread sheet to create accurate financials for up to 5 years for almost any company. Extensive spread sheet to create accurate up to 5 year forecasts specifically developed for your business (online).

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