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Clean A-ha & Minimal Shopify Theme (sections ready). SmallBiz, the appealing and elegant business theme, has arrived. The theme is super elegant and professional. The AccessPress Root is a free WordPress theme for small, medium and large businesses.

Best 20 WordPress Topics for Small Businesses 2018

Any small business needs a good website - at least those that are looking for more consumers and people. But not all small business owner have the amount of free and easy investment space or cash to start up a custom website. But now, thanks to WordPress, the creation of the ideal website to support your business doesn't have to take long or be expensive.

If you choose the right WordPress theme from the following list of choices, you'll be able to create and run a high-quality website in no more than a few minutes. The reason is that many of the WordPress topics for small businesses in this library contain more than one template and theme, not to speak of a multitude of adjustment and setting choices.

All this means that even if you select a very favorite theme from the below collections, there are still many ways to create a truly individual website with an individual look that fully fits your company's trademark and Id. Once you've taken a look at the functionality, styles, and variety of these WordPress topics, you'll wonder why you didn't get your website up and running before.

The Divi is the Elegant theme of the Elegant theme crew and probably one of the most diverse WordPress topics ever. Regardless of what service or product you are offering, and no matter what the key business of your company is, Divi should be able to help you create the ideal website to increase your revenues.

The theme is full of a variety of high-quality page layout and a tailor-made pull & dropper for the page creator. There is a broad variety of module types in the Divi-Builderool. Trial version of the theme, as well as Divi's real-life example in actions, proves the point that no matter what area your company is in, this theme can help you create a truly original website that connects with your people.

There are too many of the complete functions and advantages of Divi's choice to be mentioned here, but you can read everything this topic has to say in detail by reviewing our handy Divi Reviewer. To buy Divi, you must join the Elegant Themes member group.

This gives you 87 additional topics and a broadening choice of high-value premier plug-ins that will also help you expand your business. Thanks to a similar range of functions and a high degree of versatility, Divi has the freedom it needs for its budget. This small business theme now gives you easy entry to a customized page building toolset.

However, this is not your standard Page Builder utility, and instead you can use Cornerstone WordPress Page builder to build your own customized page layout using an easy-to-use front-end editing application with a real-time previewer. A further interesting characteristic of it is the addition of four distinct styles to it. Designers call these design stacks, and anyone can be used on your WordPress page to help you get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

Ever since its introduction, the theme has been regularly refreshed. That means new functionality is constantly being added, as well as enhanced interoperability with third-party plug-ins and the latest WordPress release. For an overview of all these functions as well as an overview of the usability of this topic, please take a look at our comprehensive preview of our WordPress topics.

There'?s no question that it' s full of functions, but it's the classy design and high adaptability that set it apart from the rest. Workman is a versatile, adaptable theme that is perfect for a number of different kinds of sites for small businesses in many areas.

If your business website needs the possibility to make an appointment or take a booking, the Worker theme could be a good option thanks to the supplied WordPress plug-in Preferred Booked. This theme also has the option of displaying a user-defined data calendars on the front end of your website.

It gives you an simple way to let your users see your availabilities, whether you want them to be able to make bookings or not. If you create your website with the Worker theme, you get a great deal of freedom about what your home page and the inside pages of your website will look like.

With Business3ree you can give your website a fat homepage, completely with an eye-catching full picture that attracts the interest of your website users. Because this theme takes over the beloved Langform homepage design, you can include many different items on the home page of your website.

They can then move down the page and find out what you have to give them before going to the option of using the Contacts page to get in touch with you. Whereas the homepage design can be created using the simple pull & pull tool, the remainder of your website contents are handled more traditional - using the WordPress mail and page editing tools.

While this provides somewhat less agility than some of the other business topics presented here, it should address those who are looking for a topic they can deploy and run as quickly as possible without having to make too many choices during this time. The Business3ree is a contemporary and classy theme that comes with a choice of other CSSIgniter theming.

The Sydney Pro is one of our own topics and it is a good option for any small business looking for a neat and contemporary website look. That theme identifies an attention-grabbing wallpaper slide control that can be used to present your best work, or alternative, simply offers some eye-catching images that help communicate the ethnos of your trademark.

But if you look at the demoversion of this topic, you can get a good impression of how Sydney Pro can be used to hook up with your targeted clientele and then advertise what you have to give them. It can be used to visualize your company's story and how it has evolved over the years - something that might be useful if you try to show prospective and existing buyers what you have to give them.

Sydney Pro's other functions you'll find useful when creating your business website include: extra page styles, customized sidebar and home page widgets, great WordPress Customizer utility and full WooCommerce plug-in for creating your own stores. The Sydney Pro has a great look and feel that will help you build a website that will demonstrate your brands, connect with your audiences and open up new business opportunities.

Executives are a children's topic for the increasingly beloved Genesis Frameworks. So if you're looking for a more look and feel for your business website, the theme of executives could be a good addition. Though you have a choice of colour patterns to select from, most of them are relatively subtile and contain subdued shades that help to create this professionally rendered work.

There will be many ways to provide your service to prospective and existing buyers throughout your Executive website. It will be impossible for your traffic to avoid seeing the call to action buses and button that you can put on your website, hopefully resulting in higher target conversions and new business.

For more information about exactly what the Genesis is and why you should select a topic that works on it, read our in-depth report. Executives are focused on a particular audience and if you are someone who wants to add a certain look and feel to your website without loosing your own identity, this could be a topic for you.

The Entrepreneur is another topic that makes it simple to set up a website with on-line reservation and termination. A number of Entrepreneur demos are available that you can try out and show how this topic can be used for a number of different kinds of businesses. No matter what kind of business you create a website for when you select this theme, you can provide your site users with a portable, fun on-line reservation system, a classy dating and on-line quotation tool, an appealing way to present your business and a variety of page layout options to name a few.

When your business is about dates and time windows, or you just like the look of the theme, Entrepreneur's corporate identity is supported by some really useful functions that could make the difference with your WordPress website. Our shop myTheme shop staff founded the company to really help your website increase your profits.

Featuring a classy yet corporative look and feel, this theme does a great job of giving you the ability to truly enlighten your audience about what your business has to say and why prospective consumers and buyers should select your product or service. If you use this design to create your website, it can be customized in several ways.

These include a few different layout styles, a set of colour choices, and a set of navigational preferences. These and other changes to your website after you have implemented this topic are easy to make. You can do this thanks to the easy-to-use Topic Option Panels, which allow you to precisely specify what your website looks and feel like.

This business topic should address those who are looking for a neat and contemporary website layout that can be optimized without having to acquire a whole new user experience. It comes with 30 different pre-built demos, each suitable for a different kind of small business.

So if you are looking for a theme that can adapt well to the nature of the service or product you are providing, you might want to consider booking with us. Having tried out the different demos of this theme, if one of them doesn't stand out, then the good thing is that with a few simple mouse clicks it can be posted on your WordPress website.

The Page builder utility provided with the software doesn't limit you to the Theme Option Panels when it comes to making changes to the look and feel of your website. Even though the functionality your website will contain will depend on the trial you select, there are some shared functionality of Bodega: full-width layout, horizontally and vertically side bars, several headers, slide bar buttons and much more.

With TheFox you can easily design almost any kind of website. Thanks to the large number of preconfigured demonstration configuration it is a good option for anyone who creates a business website with WordPress. From the business website oriented demonstrations, the landing page option is particularly interesting.

At the same time, they offer you a great way to get your messages across to your website audiences as soon as they get to your site and make it easier for you to post all the information you need about your business. Whatever pre-built verification you select, you can still tailor it to your needs.

The work is done through the web site management console, which makes it simple to optimize and customize your web site. There is also a page creator utility included in the design. Featuring an amazing number of pre-built layout options, TheFox is perfect for a variety of applications, such as small businesses and solo preneurs. The Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme of all times on the ThemeForest plaza.

Yet, just because this theme has been bought over 150,000 times, it does not mean that there are innumerable Identical web sites out there all driven by this theme. Avada's functions and possibilities make it very unlikely that two sites created with this theme will look the same.

This theme offers great versatility with an amazing choice of pre-built one-click import demonstrations, a rich Page builder experience, and a high-performance theme option dashboard. It is not a topic that was started and then stored in the repository.

Since it was released, Avada has been continually upgraded to include even more great functionality than ever before, and more are on their way. avada is called the penknife of topics, and with so many styles, templates, preferences, and choices, it's simple to understand why. When you are looking for a truly versatile theme that can be customized to perfect your business promotion, Avada is definitely a test ride for you.

Another multi-purpose topic for the small business owners who create a website with WordPress isalient. The theme has sold well since its first publication in 2013. Ever since, it has been periodically upgraded to include many enhancements and new functions, both small and large.

In the course of while this has contributed to increasing the number of different kinds of websites that can be created with this theme. Salient's different trial releases will show you how versatile this topic really is. Also included is a Page builder utility that allows you to easily combine and synchronize items from the demos to make your own designs or redesign your website from scratch.

And if you're looking for a theme that's easy to use right out of the box, Salient's on-line documentary and walk-through video will help you get up and running today. Bridging comes with 100 demonstration variants on sale, so regardless of the kind of website you're trying to create, there's probably a ready-made template out there that's done and awaiting your use.

But if you can't find what you're looking for when you test the various available demonstration sites, the Visual Composer drag-and-drop Page builder plug-in makes it simple to build your own layout from the ground up. If you are looking for contained plug-ins, you can also find the LayerSlider plug-in - one of the most common WordPress plug-ins.

Since this theme is fully interoperable with the most favorite e-commerce plug-in for WordPress, if you want to build an on-line store or simply want to have one or two products for purchase on your website, Bridging could be a good option. Bridging is so full of ready-made layout and configuration that it might be hard for you to select just one theme for your new website.

When it comes to creating their own website, Stockholm offers small business proprietors a lot to do. Offering 20 multi-concept demonstrations, each easy to implement with just a few mouse clicks, Stockholm is ideal for anyone looking for many different choices, how their website looks, is organised and organised.

The Stockholm theme has something for everyone, from full-width fullscreen layout with slide controls to static verticals and even scanning for parallaxes. With its clear and clear styling, complemented by some subtile motion graphics, Stockholm is perfect for those looking for a more minimalist look for their business website.

The Brooklyn theme could be just the thing for anyone wanting to advertise their small business with a range of powerful and high value pictures. Whilst this theme can be used in one of 13 ready-made layout templates, each of the different Brooklyn setups contained uses distinctive picture placement.

You can do this in the shape of full-width backgrounds, picture slideshows or raster layout of your assets - it's up to you. Brooklyn is used by many of those who have bought it on the sell page for this theme. Not only does this show the abundance of functions of this topic, but it should also give you some much needed suggestions on how to use it on your website.

Whatever you choose to use the Brooklyn theme on your website, you should have no problem building a professional-looking website for your business. But if that seems like too much work, you can use the one-click installer instead to install one of the 100 ready-made layout files on your WordPress site.

This 100 layouts cover a wide variety of applications and provide many of the latest and most striking web styling styles and technologies. In addition, each of these laysouts can be adjusted and optimized to make sure they look exactly the way you want them to. The BeTheme for WordPress should have something suitable for every company with so many ready-made layout options on the market.

The aim of EndFold is to be the one topic that every small business proprietor turns to when they need to get their website up and running as quickly as possible. The theme contains a large selection of trial releases that can be easily downloaded and deployed with just a few mouse clicks. Click on the theme to view the full list of available trial releases. As the number of trial releases continues to grow, the most common business and service offerings are currently well covered.

Your website can use a powerful colour theme with motion graphics effect or a classic look and feel using default navigation tools, according to the preconfigured layout you use. It' really up to you how you create your website with the Enfold theme, but however you do it, you will end up with a portable, user-friendly website that is easily customizable, while at the same time being very simple for your traffic to find.

It is probably Modena that is best for small companies providing healthcare and wellness related goods and sourcing. If you are in the gym, beautiful or any other of the niche healthcare sectors, this adaptable theme should be able to do a good work to promote your make and what you have to provide.

Modena Theme Pack contains a powerful home page creation utility that allows you to set up the home page of your website in the right way. There is also a full width slide show creator that gives you a great way to present your facility, service or product.

When you want to include an on-line store to your website, another good excuse to opt for Modena is the full endorsement for the premier and free e-commerce plugin: It makes it very simple to place your website's product and service listings with the possibility to make payment and administer your stock on-line.

Not only does Modena have great equipment and an eye-catching look, but when you join the WPZoom Theme Clubs, you get over 50 free Premium Topics for use in your other project, all at a great value. The Koncept was really developed for small companies, especially for those who don't want to waste too much effort creating and configuration of their website.

And if you like to pick from a collection of over 30 one-of-a-kind demonstration and 990 ready-made page layout libraries, this might be the theme for you. No matter whether your business is in building, maintenance, gardening or somewhere in between, the prefabricated contents should match your designs exactly.

Koncept's theme's design and look are consistently contemporary, so no message you're trying to convey to your prospects or prospects will be out of date. Unicorn is a new WordPress theme that could be perfect for advertising the needs and benefits of your small business on-line.

Even though this topic has not been available for long, it has already been refreshed and equipped with a number of new functions and enhanced design. These new contents contain refreshed page demo and layout, new headers option, more page items, enhanced navigational capabilities, and new slide bar contents. It is a good indication that this topic is well taken care of after you have made your purchases.

The Unicorn Theme Pack includes a page creation utility, handy page dragging and dropping, para-lax scroll effect, and the ability to apply full-screen background videos to your postings and pages. It gives you a lot of freedom in setup and configuration of your website through an intuitive yet easy-to-use suite of control elements and preferences.

Unicorn is an amazing new WordPress theme that provides a lot of room for adjustment, as well as a range of functions that will help you build a pro website with ease. Unicorn is a great new WordPress theme that provides a lot of room for adjustment, as well as a range of functions that will help you to build a pro website with ease. What's more, Unicorn is a new WordPress theme that allows you to customize your website with a lot of flexibility.

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