Small Improvements

Minor improvements

The Small Improvements Software is a complete solution for continuous performance management. Small Improvements was mainly used by the company I worked for as an opportunity to prepare financial statements for its employees. Learn what users say about small improvements. Check out user reviews for small improvements, pricing information and what features they offer. Look what it feels like to have employees working at Small Improvements.

1s, targets, 360s and commendation

Extremely customizable, simple to start and supported by a dedicated technical assistance group. Ask for your own personal opinion at any given moment. HamiltonLikeAppreciation all your useful feedbacks and your proposals to make the show great. It' so nice to have you on the squad. I' m looking forward to seeing more great things here!

We were very skeptical about moving the whole squad to the new tools, but I am absolutely sure it is the right choice. Now that the company has grown, it is nice to see how the new process is getting into form. Our fundamental approach saves you a lot of work and makes things simple.

You also have a number of choices when it comes to the definition of your assessment templates, 360 process and target policies. In order to improve our service response and objective, we have developed many third-party integration solutions. Sometimes, however, you want to let someone ricochet your idea, get help, get input, or suggest a modification to a particular item.

Suggestions for improvement 2018

"What do you like best?" Simpler to use, easier to use and uncomplicated, no cost to hide and exactly what it's meant to be - set up queries, do reviewing, administer a lifecycle and work with your staff. It' too damn straight. HR view - sometimes you want more features like linkage to your ERP system, more sophisticated messaging and reporting processes, leaner reporting tool to identify specific commentaries, issues or things that an HR individual might not see if they don't view every single report.

You need something to just do a little review? Great then - choose Small Improvements. If your business is growing, becoming more sophisticated and you want to include organizational change, salary assessment and HRIS integration - this may not be the right tools - then.... The problem we have resolved is to ask 3 easy question (3 achievements, 3 possibilities and 3 goals) and evaluate ourselves.

It'?s easy. However, in this simpleness - sometimes you want to decipher dates more, do something unusual... and that's the game of chance you are playing with when you go too easy.

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