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Agreed or not, for you who like to work intelligently (and also hard?), we present you our newest topic: SmartZine. The SmartZine is our next adjustable WordPress magazine theme. The SmartZine is simply ideal for them. We continue to use WordPress Customizer for this topic. WorldPress Customizer is a new and exhilarating function that blends theme choices with the possibility to get a real-time previewer of these changes before they are saved!

To see how the customizer works, watch the movie below: We' ve integrated this functionality since some of our last topics. The SmartZine has functions for changing the layouts per post/page. To see the page layouts in operation, please review the links. A full width layout:

View the contents without side bar. Layouts of the right sidebar: View the contents using the side bar on the right. Side bar top right layout: View the contents using the side bar on the right. Smart-Zine supports 8 post formats: Simply adjust the start page using the simple drag & drop function. Smart-Zine's home page is widget-based, which means you only need to move n drops of the widgets to the Home side bar.

SmartZine for being smart? Don't neglect to give us your opinion on this topic, we are curious what you will do with SmartZine!

Carlo Ratti's Four seasons in a Milan Gardens

Whereas Professor Carlo Ratti's favourite season is summers, the MIT Senseable City Lab's architects, designers and innovators are about to move all four of the four seas to one place. With his new Milano based Gardens of the Four seasons in mind, he created a year-round outdoor park with smart sensor systems and waste-free power engineering.

And Carlo Ratti is known for his award-winning innovation. These include the Digital Waters Pavilion, where drop rate is regulated to produce text effect, and the Copenhagen Wheel, where cyclists produce extra energy. Ratti is a Senseable City Lab Adjunct professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and currently concentrates on a 2,500 sqm facility built on a design by the German-American Studio Römer creativity club.

On behalf of the client Citylife, according to a blueprint of the famous architect Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozak, the garden will provide a complete cycle with progressive air conditioning concepts and waste-free power engineering. The four different periods of the year will be next to each other, so that in a few moments the visitor can wander between snowy landscapes and buds.

"It' s about re-establishing a stronger link between city residents and nature," Ratti states. Browse through the panorama views of the garden: A 2017 collaboration with the Dubai Museum of the Future, Sun/shade, in collaboration with the Dubai Museum of the Future, designed a digitally steered roof with mirrored windows that follow the sunlight like a flower and use the power to refrigerate a room that is basically a shadow technique variation of Arab 20th century-style Arab architectural work.

Ratti's Cloud Cast projects are also inspired by the Arabian Peninsula, where the evaporating coolant fog has long been used as an energy-efficient option to climate control. Ratti's work differs in that the fog concentrates directly on humans and not on large areas, thus conserving large quantities of power. Besides integrating high-tech adaptions to old Arab technologies, Garden of the Four Seasons is also locally inspired by the historical Quattro Stagioni Well, situated in the same part of Milan.

"It was our goal to make a parallel to the past and to project the old theme of the four seas into the present through the use of new sustainability technologies," says Andrea Cassi, Project Manager at Carlo Ratti Associati. "Ratti emphasises that as global warming could become more severe, the importance of mitigation policies will grow drastically.

So, how do you get through the whole year? Starting on the outside of the house, with photo-voltaic detectors that collect sunlight. Inside, under the translucent diaphragm construction made of PTFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene), heat is transferred to heat and cool air conditioning units, which transmit heat like a fridge.

Our aim is to provide perfect condition for several hundred different types of flora. While it may seem like a expensive setting to look after, once in operation the whole operation will be sustainable and without wasting power. "The system actually enables the trees' metamorphoses to keep pace with different seasonality through the constant adaptation of two major factors in crop development - light intensity and heat," Ratti states.

Ratti is leading the students' research at MIT into innovation in Smart Citys technologies, so it is no wonder that Garden of the Four Seasons will be fitted with sensor systems to measure the healthy and nutritious needs of each crop. It is a small adjustment of the nature of innovation initiatives such as the affiliated town of Santander in Spain, where thousand of detectors are monitoring everything from transport pattern to irrigation level of plants.

It' s not yet clear whether to enchant the visitor with the flowering flower stats, but at least Garden of the Four Seasons will provide some great instagram-fotos.

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