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The Smart Magazine is a modern, responsive WordPress theme that lets you easily write articles and blog posts. The Smart Sticky Navigation is now faster. Get the best Smart Magazine WordPress themes for your personal website quickly!

ThemeSphere' s Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine - SmartMag

The SmartMag is a cutting-edge, neat, responsive and retinal (HD) WordPress topic that can be used in journals, papers, review websites or blog posts. The SmartMag is not only characterized by its user-friendliness, the administration backend is also very simple to use. With integrated help for advanced analytics (SEO) using extensive HTML5 and HTML5, your website will be better ranked in webmasters.

Grab SmartMag today and set it up in just a few moments! Additional WordPress extensions available with WordPress SOE by Yoast. Build a fantastic store with the best-of-breed eCommerce for WordPress eCommerce suite. bbPress Fully Integrated: Grab a nice forum that runs on your news, blogs or magazine page. Dark and light:

There are two extended drags standard. Ultra-bright complexion is great for fashions, beauties and female sides, while black complexion looks breathtaking for trend magazine, game updates and so on. You can use one of the 11 Page Builders and 6 Page Building Types to build your homepage or other page.

Contributions, pages, and categories can be set to use a full-width page or right side bar format (custom side bars are supported). CSS Custom is also available for experienced CSS contributors. The RTL (from right to left) is fully enabled and automatically enabled when WordPress is set to use an RTL locale. Compatibility and WPML support. Responsible Google Adsense is backed by the standard Google Adsense Smart Size Modeling Software with no changes.

Or you can use the categories listings and 11 other Widgets to further enhance the homepage. More than 600 Google Web Fonts are currently available. Several post formats: Last tab - An extended broadget that allows you to insert "Popular Posts", "Last Posts", "Top Reviews", or the latest post from a particular categorie into a tab.

Lots more advanced user widgets with easy shortcuts. Extended categories functions: Specify a colour of the categories to be used in menus and categories label. Specify a wallpaper to be used for a particular type of product (for box layout). You can use one of the 3 Listing Styles. Activate the display of a marked slide bar for a certain categorie.

Posten layouts: Ad Assistance - simply adding advertisements in the head area, between the home page blocs (with the page creator), in the sidebar, or in the bottom area. Trending New Ticker makes it a better topic for your World Cup-magazine. Subordinate themes are provided for extended customization. Should you ever get bogged down with installing SmartMag with your WordPress install, you can contact our kind and committed customer service via our customer service forums.

Technical assistance is available between 12:00 and 23:00 GMT +0:00 / ATC. Added: GDPR privacy page protection assistance. Added: Self-hosted Google Fonts plug-in for GDPR functionality. Added: Google AMP post supports post with customized style. Added: Ad assistance in AMP. Added: AMP navigation menu for AMP-mails. Zero backup.

New Skin & Demo for Lifestyle-Magazine - Trendy. DieZine for slim magazine. Featured New Area Grid B. * Feature: 2 New Post Style - Modern and Modern Simple. Alternative headline style for apartment buildings. Additional blocs have been added to the Post List Blocs sidebar widget. Click on the Post List blocs button to add the new blocs to the list. This is a fucking fringe game with a fucking counter.

WP Instagram widget supported. Icons in the bottom bar above the wideget. Limitation by day for the last posting wideget. Added: New importer themes and the Preferences Only options. Added: Automatic addition of organizational charts with societal information from the widget. Added: Added skin mail style for the mail editors in the frontend. New RTL and fast reaction supports in all our scripts.

You use the prime categorie forreadcrumbs. Item schemes with current Google policies. The Smart Sticky Navigation is now faster. Notepad style for extended skin. Page numbering for user-defined queries variable in the CPT. User-defined coding mark-up videos supported. The latest Google fonts are available. User-defined CSS that is in some cases block by AdBlock.

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