Latest tweets from art (@snapixel). Farewell the old photo studios and welcome The Snapixel community is a community of photographers and photo enthusiasts who share, store and organize their images for social and professional use.

The Snapixel photo sharing service switches itself off.

Snapixel, a website where publishers can view and distribute their work, will be closed on August 31, 2012. The Snapixel staff makes a note of themselves in an e-mail to the users: Initially released in October 2009 (as you really described on TechCrunch), Snapixel is a true hybrids between a iStockphoto stock photography marketing site and a flickr type foto shared site.

Creators have also worked on creating a digitial photomagazine named Snapixel Magazines. You hadn' ttwittered for over a year, apart from a hyperlink to a community picture share site named PicYou. It looks like Snapixel was recently sold on Flippa to someone who offered $9,500 for its asset values and domain names.

The Snapixel company was co-founded by the likes of Cervenka, Wong and Oliver, who also participated in a start-up named Flixya. At the end of the day, the asset was not divested, but the site is just closed because the focus of the group is on other things.


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Current press releases of the photo industry: snapshot

Farewell the old studios and welcome Professionals and amateurs can get a reasonable prize for what they already like to do, and exchange traders have a new tool to meet their imaginative needs. Snapixel was designed by three shooters who were tired of the latest stick of photos, and provides more than the conventional stick photographer's home.

Now, to deal with, in comparison to the 20% of photographers who receive from the sales of their photographs from most other warehouses, Snapixel is paying 60% to the Photographer. The Snapixel (, a new photosite that incorporates features from the Flickr photosharing site and the iconic Stockphoto site, announced Openstock?, an advanced system that offers publishers an easy-to-sell way to share photographs.

"Snapixel expands sales force to all layers of photographer. Although not every picture should be in a stick photo market, our primary objective is to expand the range of creativity in conventional stick photos without reducing their value," said Ivan Wong, COO and co-founder of Snapixel.

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