I' ve been following Snappages for a few years, and they work continuously on their product. SnapPages' latest tweets (@snappages). Learn what users say about SnapPages. Check the user SnapPages ratings, pricing information and features.

Checking the SnapPages: Deals with the fundamentals

Instead of having a single user experience for everything, browse through an administrator before you edit pages in the page builder. The sides are formed by piling profiles on top of each other. Section contains blocks - for example, text, pictures, or a form. There are 21 section styles in Snappages to help you get up and running.

It' s even smaller than other section-based website builder (and Snappage's latest editors have been around for over a year - so you'd be expecting more). On the other hand, Snappages gives you significant section controls - so unlike some website builder, Snappages section are not cutters. Texteditor is hot (with a beautiful pop-in animation).

Some things could be improved - for example, there is no way to decrease the distance between segments and the Photogallery could use more viewing choices. However, overall Snappages has laid the foundations. I' ve been criticizing Snappages in the past because they kept interface in distinct parts of the application (and not a single, uniform editor).

The problem is solved by Snappages 3. Blogs editors are seperate editors from page editors. No, no. On retinal equipment, pictures are displayed sharply and pin sharply. There is a Paypal donation item, but unfortunately it is not a complete donation system (I'm looking at a complete donation system to customize the local cash register and e-mail customization).

Snappages contains 12 template choices. While you have the ability to select a colour scheme, you do not have the ability to select how your colour scheme will be used on your website. So for example, your website badges will adopt a colour from the colour pallet, but there is no way to specify a user-defined colour for each badge.

It is possible to switch to the Extended view and append extra pallets that you can append to items, but really not much edit performance is released (extra pallets are a little hard to understand). SnapPages used to allow you to terminate an account via a web-based user experience.

Fuck that they would select an options that makes the life of the user less comfortable than simpler.

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