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The Snaps is a free portfolio theme for WordPress, ideal for presenting portrait images and galleries. The Snaps theme is a portfolio theme designed to present portrait-oriented photos, illustrations and other works of art. The Snaps is a free portfolio theme for WordPress, ideal for presenting portrait images and galleries. Find out how to set up the Snap WordPress theme.

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Modify background, headings, logo, favicon, menu, text block, and widget. Adjusts the display of iPhones, iPhone pads and other portable peripherals. Designs adapt to video, pictures, galleries, sound, quotations and hyperlinks. Customise your website by adding text modules, subscribing to custom printed documents, subscribing to pictures, and more. Adds and infinitely number of gallery in a wide range of layout with one to five column.

With one click, current members can upgrade topics to the latest release by themselves.

First Steps

The Snaps theme is a collection of portfolios developed to present portrait-oriented photos, artwork and illustration. Simplicity and elegance make it easy to concentrate on your project and adapt to any monitor sizes. The homepage displays your latest postings in a standard blogstyle. In order to get the most out of this topic, you must first invest in some investment portfolios.

In order to show these project on the homepage (as shown in the topic demo), please perform these steps: Snaps now displays your snapshots on the home page. Notice that the page with the portfolios page template does not have Infinite Scroll on it. It is also possible to use the abbreviation[portfolio] to show your project on any page or to publish it on your website.

We have described the different parts of the snaps page here: snaps shows feature ted images in different ways, so you can create a feature ted images that is at least 1075 pixel for each of your postings and project portfolios for best results. They are displayed: Most of the posting sizes on the index and archives pages of the blogs show the feature dated images with a width of 795 pixel; the posting sizes show the feature dated images with a width of 1075 pixel.

The Featured Page is displayed with a width of 1075 pixel. The Snaps option has a custom headers that appears at the top of every page on your site. Picture is cut for small monitors to accommodate the available room, which means that not all the head picture is viewable at all monitor resolutions, so decorating backgrounds can work best.

Begin with an at least 1200 pixel width and 500 pixel height picture. Fire continues to snap by up-loading a site icon displayed above the headers. In order to customize an existing one, go to Customize Site Identity and click Customize Site Identity and click Custom Identity to choose an appropriate picture type. Your logotype will be displayed with a width of 300 pixel and a height of 160 pixel.

The Snaps menu has two navigational areas: the Primary Menu and the Soft Menu, both of which can be accessed through the Customizer ? menus. Primary menu is commonly used for linking to pages, catagories, articles, and outside hyperlinks, and can show drop-down menus. Click the link in the left menu to link to your CSR account and see an icons for each support group.

Both of these menu items are displayed below the header image of your website: The Snaps option has three positions for Widget items in the bottom line. Adding Widgets to only one position will show them as a central row; using two positions will show them as two equally wide rows. The Snaps is built for all monitor resolutions, so it looks great on desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and smart phones.

The Snaps function provides the following features: Quick-specs (all measurement in pixels): Width of the primary slit on the sides is 1075. There are 795 columns in the articles, blogs index, archives and keywords. User-defined header sizes should be at least 1200 x 500 loaded; if the ad is liquid, they will be shown in different latitudes and altitudes according to monitor area.

Recommended images are 1075 width; there is no limitation in altitude.

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