Social Media Portfolio Template

Template for the Social Media Portfolio

Looking for a job in social media? They already have everything you need to start your social media portfolio here. How to create a social media portfolio to represent my work. Build and monitor your social media plan with free templates, including audit, editorial calendar, social media strategy template, and more.

Have 5 hints on how to launch your social media portfolio

One of the most dizzying moments of my career was the date that I was able to wipe out my commitment to a spontaneous contribution to my company's Facebook page. Many of us don't have a social media portfolio to present our work. Facebook (and Facebook, and even Instagram) is an epidemic flow of awareness, and a recruiter doesn't want to and won't go through a long story of postings to find the jewels of what makes you good at what you do.

Use these five hints to enhance your social media portfolio and make sure you're not skipped for your next use. Have a look at our Portfolio Guide below for more hints like these, or listen to what my New York opposite has to say about portfolio. An HR executive bases his or her abilities on his or her capacity to make a sound copy in a confined environment and on the commitment figures displayed (likes, retweets, etc.).

Once you have a fistful of your favourites, you have enough contents to warrant the next great position's land. The social media is part of a bigger, better coordinated approach, so speak about the goals of the initiative and how social had an influence. Select one or two screen grabs that show a strong commitment and provide the following metrics:

As I was compiling my portfolio, I took screenshots of analytic metrics that showed me what I had done and why good things were happening when I was in charge of the social media boat. Be it Facebook Analytics, Sprout, Google Analytics or other applications, immerse yourself in the numbers and look at commitment and translation peaks to show you can not only do things, but also get the information you need to predict what will work next.

Social media has a great deal of stomach reaction to a naturally talented person, but if you can't back it up with enough information, it's much more difficult to explain. Book one or two pages in your portfolio for analysis and present your "sexy statistics". If you have worked for a small company or a multi-national company, if you have boosted commitment and convert by X%, then it gets noticed.

That' s at your own risk, but I know many avid social media experts who have other roles to play in website management, e-mail advertising, or even postings. Rather than having your portfolio dominated when you seek a primary social role, you put it back to show that you have other abilities that can drive your bid.

At the same time in futility for my portfolio I took screenshots of email I had provided, spread sheets I had created for tracing my projects manager, and some scrapppy themes I had made just to show that I could definitely try myself in these other areas. There are some folks who like to use a plain easy to read file like I did (totally effective!), or a portfolio site like Squarespace, Wix, Coroflot, Cargo Collective, Carbonmade, Issuuuor or others if you want to be public.

Public hosting's advantage is that you can twitter a business or a recruiter while demonstrating your communications skills, you know? As with everything else, the ones who put more work into this first session will get more exposure from the recruiters. When you put a sound amount of thought and endeavor into your portfolio, the notion that you are going beyond and beyond for your next location is so actually put into some amount of order to establish this.

Also, when creating a portfolio site, always add the site to your CV - and make sure it's a hyperlink! Did you see something that drew the eye of recruiters or something we were missing? And, of course, if you're designing an attractive social media portfolio, we need to see it.

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