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Build a website for people who share your interests and passion! is a website with many similar features to Ning that allows users to create an online social network.

Build your own personal social network. Build your personal mobile and web-based social network today. Networking permeates the entire community site and encourages engagement.

The Top 11 Website Builders and Software Help Create Social Network/Community Site

In the course of the daily routine, social networking and social sites are becoming more and more loved and have become part of our daily life. A lot of Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many too large to name, to make new contacts, get together and get from others of equal interest to set up an e.t.c. social media site. If you want to have your own social media site, below are some of the best social media site builder that you can use to create your own social media sites without having to do any programming.

The Elgg is an award-winning open sourced social networking open class engineering solution that provides a rugged environment for creating all types of social environment, from a campus-wide social environment for your institution, academic institution or institution, to an in-house collaboration environment for your organisation, to a market leading communication toolset for your business and its customers.

The BuddyPress is a free open social resource CMS, just like its mother program WordPress, BuddyPress is a complete open social work. The BuddyPress Fellowship creates everything from kernel codes and documentations to topics and plug-in enhancements. You can use it to set up a campus-wide social networking for your institution; an in-house communications medium for your business; a social networking for your field of interest; a focussed social networking for your new products.

As with WordPress, you can expand the feature set with great plug-ins that you can find in the content repository. phpFox is a social networking application that gives you the power to build a truly great social networking site that contains many of the functions you'll find on websites like Facebook and MySpace. Among the functions are

Apps, Pages & Groups, Activity Feed, Mobile Edition, Privacy, AJAX Browsing, CMS, Monetization, Extensibility, Topic Management, Administration, Advertising Campaigns, User Groups, Blogs, Photos, Attachments, Forum, Surveys, Shoutbox, Friends, Private Messages, Video Libraries, Quiz, Event, Musical Warehouse, Marketplace, User Subscription Options, Multilingual, Social Sharing, Member Profiles, Instant Messenger. The SocialEngine is one of the best ways to build your own social website or social comunity.

This offers you a brand free, easy to use networking solution that you can customise. You have the liberty to retain fine-grained oversight over all facets of your website and your work. SocialEngine PHP, unlike most hosting solutions, never stops you from repositioning your communities or placing your own ads, some of the functions are: Photo Albums, Blogs, Groups, Event, Chat & IM, Mobile, Music Sharing, Forums, Small Ads, Video Sharing, Polls.

Designed from the bottom up for social and dynamic teams, the Ning framework provides all the necessary skills and resources to make your team work for you in minutes: Adaptable member profiles, blogs, forums, photos & video embeddings, groups, pages, built-in mobile website (HTML 5 optimized for smartphones), events & chat, social sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more, real-time activities feedback with top news + Facebook / Twitter / RSS Seamless sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & more.

It is a do-it-yourself social network learning environment that enables individuals to meet and build rich interactions around a common interest or belonging, with integrated applications that facilitate cooperation and communications. There are features: Newsfeed, folks, blogs, forum, chat, photos, videos, wiki, meetings, funds, groups, files, map, bookmarks links managers, music galleries. quite affordably.

It is a free open sourcecode, PHP/MySQL social networks application providing a free, PHP/MySQL social networks application. Integrated signage, advertising managment & stats, photo, videosharing; blog, forums, wiki; groups, events, buddies; comments and much more to get listed here because they are all plug-ins. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can use their hosting solutions and have your social networks up and running in just a few moments.

It is a drag-n-drop site Builder that makes setting up your social or collaborative site straightforward and uncomplicated. Optimize your search for your favorite sites, optimize your search for your favorite sites, use a customized domains, newsfeed, events, groups, forums, IM & videochat, picture galery, social inclusion and more. It is both a free and a first class social networking tool. Mixxt allows you to configure your communities for home or business; let your members have genuine discussions in a board, bloods and chats; generate extensive pages of contents; compile wikis with your members; make picture galeries and collections of movies available.

The Kickapps CMS gives companies, corporate groups, small and large brand names the opportunity to set up an online social networking site, their own communities with photo/video share, commentary, ratings and other widgets, and a demonstration of this CMS is the Dell team. The Pligg is an Open Source CMS (Content Management System) that you can freely browse and use.

Designed to encourage traffic to your site to sign up to your site to share and interact with other site viewers, social publishers, and members, rather than website publishers, create and evaluate sites on which members create and rate story lines. You can use the online social networking system to launch your own social networking site in just a few clicks. decinews is an example of a website designed with the help of decinews.

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