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A group of magazine photographers who work to tell the stories of the world through photos. Photographic Society promotes CVNP and photographic art through educational workshops and presentations throughout the year. See and purchase rights-managed stock photos in the Science & Society Picture Library.

We at TPS are proud to present a NEW on-line Portfolios Evaluation Programme for our members.

We at TPS are proud to present a NEW on-line Portfolios Evaluation Programme for our members. The meetings are 30-minute one-on-one meetings conducted privately using a customized LensCulture proprietary technologies platforms. You can get significant feed-back on your work from home in a relaxed videoconference setting.

Learn more about our newest performer, Don Russell, who lives in McKinney, Texas, and tells his convincing story of a convincing documentary of Africa cowboy life, together with their stunning cultures and histories. You are invited to sign up to our mailing lists to subscribe to our free subscription to our daily e-zine and stay up to date with the latest TPS updates.

Project Documentary Photography

This project aims to promote and support committed community based photographing and its capacity for transformation. Our work is characterized by ambition, a continuous dedication to profundity and nuances, a multitude of angles and angles, and photographs that use their work to initiate strategic thinking, dialog, and actions. We offer Motion Walls, an exhibit showcasing photographic themes on the themes of humankind and societal equity, as a forum for international professionals to expand the pictorial languages of documentaries.

Combining the perspective of geographers, supporters, and grass-roots organizations, our open programmes encourage critique of urgent topics of the world.

The Best Marriage Photographers - By City, Around the Globe

Yeremy Fiori photo album..... Weddings, engagements, family vacations, cenote and garbage the clothing meetings, pairs photojournalism..... It' s been almost three and a half years since our anniversary. Images and videos were only viewed twice...... All we can say about you are good people and photographers! You' re doing a great deal of work, showing off your resources and bringing your spirit to your favourite work.

We' re awaiting a new date and new (now family) photos! And then Daniel Lardus, my stillographer. It showed me some photos and all I knew was that I had to have it......for my marriage, of course. Back then I was a marriage coordinator for a Pretoria East location and worked with a few photo artists every single working session, but there was just something about him.

I am very strange what kind of pictures I want, how long I want to stay on pictures and I want to be able to select how, when and where (which made my job hard), but it really didn't bother him. He' s such an awesome shooter that you know how to enjoy yourself and at the same place he is so professionally, that I would advise him to every bride, given that stressful and uncomfortable situations are one of the last things you need every single morning... as there is already enough.

He really is something different, because he does every shot depending on who and what you are and want. Chicks believe me, I'd always commend him to anyone. I not only ran into a great professional, but also a life-long boyfriend. Keep in mind that photographs last a life to tell your kids and grandkids about your particular holiday.

IMMEDIATED THE PICTURES. that you were the one who photographed our marriage. "We are very lucky with our pictures of the marriage and we really like our cd. All we have to say is a few things about Kristopher & we would highly suggest him to anyone looking for a professional artist.

Thank you for the pictures, for a great atmosphere, for your help and for your help on the most important occasion for us !!!!!!! Gui, to a difficult missao de essolher than photographs like ehhehehehe, echo que ter que que eumentar meeu prezo, meeu albums and meeu orçamento ckk.

But Yevgeniy is a beautiful fotographer, an adorable and fun people. The Zhenya was successfully integrated into the welcoming ambience of our anniversary. It can' t deal with images with abnormal colours and the loosening of important detail. Succinctly speaking - professionally. Enthusiastically he tries out new photo equipment and tries to take new photos experimentally.

I' m sure he's more professionnal now because of his perfectism (our anniversary was 13.08.2016). If you are newlyweds, I also recommend that you take part in the photo session. Thank you, Rich, it doesn't seem to be enough to express our appreciation for your fantastic work on our marriage. It was your real excitement and dedication that made our event so memorable and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

My impression is that the wall in our home will soon be full of bridal images. We really wanted our photos to tell a tale and record all the particular moment without being postured or unpleasant. So we wanted to make ourselves at home and have the impression that our Photographer wasn't even there.

Googling and we found Nuar and from the first click we knew we had found something really unique. To live in England and find a marriage photographer in Spain could have been hard, but from the first e-mail Jose reassured us. José and Cris were professionals, funny, supportive and we felt like they were our guest at the marriage instead of doing ajobs.

We were amazed at the diligence and dedication they put into our days and we will be eternally thankful. Outstanding accents and extra features make them stand out from all other shooters. Not only did they capture every single smiling, laughing, loving look, every single moment and give us the most stunning honeymoon albums, they also gave us a wonderful memory of our anniversary.

Every time we look at them, we are put back to this date and these momenta. All our photos are relaxing, spontaneous and artistic. You gave us the most stunning recording of our particular date and also gave us something even better, your friend. Are you looking for a professional photojournalist?

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