Socrates Wordpress Theme

Sokrates Wordpress Theme

Sokrates 5 - The logical Wordpress theme You' re sick and tired to waste your precious attention with complex and expensive WP topics that don't work?... Create any kind of website quickly, no page creator or encoding requires great support!

Sokrates has no annual charges and no up-sells - a one-off fee! This is not for those who are looking for a complex or time-consuming topic!

What makes a man like you so fond of Socrates? I knew it was a turning point when WordPress came out in 2003. In 2005 I created my first design and assisted 100 college kids and 1000 clients to create their first web sites. This is a straightforward, easily configurable design for beginners or professionals who just want a good looking website quickly.

We showed them how to make one with SOCRATES in 10 mins. We''ll even give you more than 300 headings to quickly create a good-looking alcove page. The fact is that today's favorite topics are complicated and hard for the ordinary users to setup, but website users like websites that they can use intuitive, those that are built logical.

That'?s why Socrates might be just the thing for you. Is used on over 200.000 pages! Socrates we call "The Logik Theme" because it is the natural choise for small entrepreneurs who just want to build a website quickly and do it themselves. Socrates has been in operation at over 200,000 locations since 2010.

Socrates 5 was fully converted in 2017 and is the best version yet. Simple to setup! Sokrates is simple to setup and use. Great assistance, Tutorials and Trainings and some very great bonus. Review the small print on other topics with full coverage of your issues with full coverage and licensing. When you buy the infinite license, you also get these bonus. is now available, plus I add two more of my WordPress topics that are sub topics of another pop frameworks, let me ask for topic detail in my online chats.

Keep it in your theme armory (no annuities ) and use these rewards to enhance your store today. Online instant messaging services! Yes, we are 70+ hrs per weeks in our online chats and usually react to e-mails within a few moments. If you have a question about anything that has to do with Socrates, WordPress or Online Marketing, you can use our forum, Facebook or our online form.

Which WordPress release is Socrates working on? Sokrates is based on underscores and uses best practice to work with all current WordPress releases and all important plug-ins. Sokrates 5 was published in May 2017 and is periodically up-dated. May I use the plugin[insert name] with Socrates? To use a WordPress theme, you need your own domains and your own webspace.

On how many domain names can I have Socrates installed? Unrestricted licence applies to all your own domain names and customer pages. When you want to resell a website with Socrates, you only need to buy a licence for the purchaser. Can Socrates react quickly and quickly? Yes, the Socrates design is SEO-optimized, QUICK and mobile.

We have extra Tutorials to help you make Socrates even quicker and more pronounced on your search for better results. What time? You can take a look at our demonstration, just browse around to see all the functions, and if you want to see more sample pages, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. In case you have bought previous Socrates releases, the Socrates 5 free of charge version can be downloaded.

Once you have purchased, click on "Access Your Purchase" in the JVZoo client area to register. I use Socrates 5 for a number of my websites. Personally, I really enjoy the performance, versatility and usability. Dan, thanks for having helped me recently change to Socrates on TravelsWithSheila. com, my site is quicker and the flow of visitors is UP!

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