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This theme comes with the Power Page Builder and the Cherry Theme Wizard plugin and allows you to customize your website to your liking. Easily customize your designs and plug-ins directly. Main functions in the Theme Editor plugin. Access custom theme and plug-in functions or add PHP code blocks directly to the page.

Make: A free drag and drop WordPress theme with Page Builder from Theme Foundry.

The Make is a design developed by The Theme Theme Foundry that lets you design your own layout using a Drag&Drop builder in combination with the customizer for style creation. This topic is available here in the free downloadable version of the officially published index, it is currently at 4.5 of 5 reviews with over 20,000 live installs and is one of some of the most favorite topics there.

Whilst the theme's main theme is free, you can update to Make Plus, which is a plug-in that adds even more features to the theme. I' ll take a look at how the design works and how simple it is to make your own layouts and set up the style for the design in this reviews.

These are the Make Theme features: Here are the extra options when you upgraded to Make Plus: The first thing you should do is downloading and installing the Make theme that is available here in the Make Plus folder. Then you can make Make Plus, which is the option plug-in that provides extra functionality.

In order to start building a page for your topic, go to Pages > New. This example creates a homepage outline, above you see the Page Builder and some parts you can add: If you are adding a banner area, you can use it to load some pictures used in a slide bar.

Any number of pictures can be added, and you can also text the slide by pressing the Edit Contents pushbutton once the picture has been added. Feel free to select whether you want to insert text into your page and then fill each of your pages with text - you can insert pictures, text and other contents using the postal viewer.

It is also possible to stylize each section by pressing the "Configure section" icon, here you can create a wallpaper with parallel axis effect and black out the part. It is also possible to specify a wallpaper colour if you do not want to use an existing picture. How to view the section at the frontend: To view your most recent contributions, you can paste the "Posts List" tool, which allows you to select from a large selection of viewing choices - how many column you need to use, what information to contain - postal titles, date, authors.

Select a catagory to be displayed and select the length of the clipping and whether to show the displayed picture. After you have finished creating your page segments, you can change the order by dragging and dropping and in the right pane you will also find some layouts that you can select for each page.

If you go to this step, you will see the "Style Kits" section above, where you can choose from 7 different predefined styles: On the General page, you can customize most of your site-wide settings, such as submitting a bloglog, typing in your corporate identity URLs, e-mail and RSS URLs, setting a page to be statically active, and labeling the site, which means the site's balance is hidden in the bottom line.

Also, you might want to consider the "Layout" section, where you can adjust the layouts for the entire Web site. On the Global page, you can select a full-width box or spacing design. "Headers " allows you to select some items such as center the headers, mirror the layouts and enter text. Take full command of how your blogs appear, with choices to fade out items, move picture positions, set date formats, get posting metadata, and get posting authors noticed.

Lastly, there is a section devoted to wallpapers, you can specify pictures for different areas of the site: you can load an picture for each section and then specify viewing choices for it - resize, location, repeat, and more. In order to get full Make functionality, you must purchase an upgraded subscription that begins at $99 for Make Plus and provides full technical assistance.

And for $299 you can get Plus Profession, which is for those who do customer service and include all the functions of Make Plus, as well as your Slavk Canal, affiliate rebates, VIP Help Centre Badge and Early Version beta-entry. It is a very sophisticated example of a WordPress theme that comes with its own Page Builder.

I' ve seen many samples of this kind of topic as they are among the most beloved at the moment and this one here is very good - I like Make's customized page making style over the use of a plug-in that covers your contents with shortcuts. There are not a million choices and various items, what it does is that you can create page lays outs that would not be possible with WordPress and a normal design - with a basic column and banner lay-out technology and widget placement in these areas, you can still get the features you need by simply plugging in a third-party plug-in and putting it on the lay-out, but you're not bound to using shortcuts and that avoids blocking them.

It was a great idea to make the provided style files a good place to start to build an appealing website look - the ability to customise wallpapers and colours for most items on the home page was a great thing, as was the ability to customise each section of the website.

So if you're looking for a well-designed and extraordinarily well-coded design that you can use as the basis for building your next website, I suggest you take a look at Make - it's a great example of a design in this alcove that's for those who want more creative power over their WordPress design.

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