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SoundCloud support can be very important to you if you have a music-oriented website. Wellcome to the Soundcloud page of WordPress music themes! The SoundCloud has joined the podcast movement. The SoundCloud is one of the biggest music sites in the world and now with podcasting added, they will be huge.

Nineteen-four of the best WordPress themes with SoundCloud support

The SoundCloud is a great place to find new musicians and performers, and a great place for performers to find new supporters! SoundCloud can be very important to you if you have a music-oriented website. I' ve reviewed every available WordPress theme to find 64 of the best WordPress topics with SoundCloud natively supported, which means the possibility to use SoundCloud embeddings without cipher.

To use SoundCloud embeddings with your latest design, read this tutorial on using SoundCloud embeddings. When you have created a theme with SoundCloud natively supported, please post a review and I hope I can offer it. The Atketas is a fully reactive, retina-ready, multi-purpose WordPress theme with WooCommerce compliance, SoundCloud connectivity, and parallel axis effect design to focus on your assets.

Featuring Font Awesome (more than 300 font vectors ), many mail sizes and styles, fast response, price table slider animation, and the ability to easily upload your own music. The WeRock is a fully reactive WordPress theme with full press, WooCommerce and SoundCloud capabilities. There is also an event organizer, artists administration options, albums administration, many preconfigured shortcuts and Widgets.

The SoundCloud interface is very close; it provides playlist compatibility, artists mail type, albums mail type and more. It is a raster-based WordPress brickwork with SoundCloud functionality. At the heart of Bromo's focus is that the site admin will create a mix of users experiences with great typography, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, and many other pages.

Fully reactive, retinable and with limitless colour choices. Dremble is a breathtaking, fast reacting and retinal WordPress theme with integrated SoundCloud functionality and parallel axis. It' s fully optimized for advanced audio and video and comes with Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Spotify supports. Repix is a band / club / party / events WordPress theme with a variety of specialties.

Firstly, it is fully reactive and comes in both black and white finish. Supports scroll of parallaxes and list of brickwork items. Comes with a modern MP-3 tuner, but also SoundCloud Shoutcast, Radionomy and more! It' also WooCommerce and BiblePress compliant, 17 user-defined Widget are also provided, as well as multi-layer PSDs.

Fully reactive, with full Soundcloud and WooCommerce connectivity. Not only can you use SoundCloud track, etc., but you can also embedded contents from other websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Photobucket and more! The SocialPlay is a fully reactive, retina-capable medium that shares the WordPress theme.

There is full Youtube, Vimeo, Blip. tv, DailyMotion, uStream, MetaCafe and especially SoundCloud now! There is a page creator included, both bright and black version and much more.

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