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Glittering Wordpress Theme

Glittering Topic comes with Full Slide, Scale Slide, Symbol Integrator, Organic Writer, Favorite Posting Widget and Enhanced Class Widgets. Sparkling integrates latest webstreams like HTML5 and CSS3 and is thanks to its clear design and code base SEO-friendly. The topic is also translatable and multi-lingual, WPML compliant and available in Spanish, Flemish, Chinese, Dutch, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, French, Spanish (Argentina), Chinese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Portuguese Simplified, Chinese Simplified, Spanish Simplified, Portuguese Simplified, Spanish Simplified, Malay, Spanish Simplified, Spanish Spanish Simplified, Malay, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Spanish, Portuguese Simplified, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Spanish, Chinese, Spanish, Spanish, Hungarian, WPML.

Thanks to the WooCommerce solution, the topic is e-commerce-enabled. The design is now optimised for working with cbPress, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, WooCommerce and other favourite free and premier plug-ins.

Sparkly - Free Flat Design WordPress Theme

Sparkling' is a clear, contemporary, slim theme designed with Bootstrap 3 in mind. Its front-end platform optimises this look for smart phones, tables, desktops and all other devices. Featuring pixel-precise designs, great Widget and full-screen sliders, it sets itself apart among WordPress topics. Its theme is kind SDO with schema-compatible layout that makes Google adore your website.

This theme will support most if not all free and premier plug-ins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Yoast's WEO, W3 Total Cache and many more. It is an excellent topic for your own website or your own in the fields of healthcare, gym, education, finances, businesses, travel, web development, web development, advertising or any other area.

Sparkling Theme has been eCommerce-enabled since release 2.2.0 thanks to the WooCommerce implementation. And we are open to proposals as to how the issue of savings can be turned into the next big thing. So if you think you know how to make this even better, please let us know in the forums or on Twitter.


Skip to Corporate Design -> Topics. At the top, click Install Topics. Press the Get icon to get the design to your computer screen. Browse to /wp-content/themes/ and load the whole "sparkling" directory. Open the WP Dashboard and go to the Appearance -> Themes menu and enable the Sparkling Theme. The sparkling design of WordPress Custom Menu support in the headers and footers, but you can also custom menu in any widget area.

You can find out more about the standard functions in this example, which was created by the WordPress staff themselves. Configure your own customized menu using a straightforward pull & droop user interface, requiring no engineering skills. The design uses a custom-made Bootstrap Nav Walker that allows you to use glyphicons and other Bootstrap-stylings.

The only disadvantage is that only two layers of the submenu are supported - the submenu and the submenu. Using this scripts, you could include bootstrap separators, drop-down header, glyphs, and disable hyperlinks to your submenus from the WordPress user interfaces. Just append a shortcut entry with a unique address of # and a text or title attribute of the divisor (case sensitive, so "divisor" or "divisor" both work) and the form does the work.

In order to include an iconic symbol in your hyperlink, simply enter the name of the Glyphicon category in the Titles Attributes box and the category will do the work. The addition of a drop-down headers (non-clickable menus that could be used to describe these sections) is very similar, just insert a new hyperlink with a given url of # and a drop-down headers caption attribute (it fits the bootstrap CSS category so it's easily remembered). put the navigation label on your headers text and the category does the work.

In order to put a deactivated hyperlink, just insert "disabled" to the title attribute and the design does the work. Font Awesome symbols can be added directly before or after each topic. Below is an example of how it would look if you wanted to append gears to Font Awesome symbols in the menu:

The sparkling design enhances the WordPress Customizing Backgrounds function. Go to WordPress Desktop to Lookup -> Underground. Either the picture or the full colour can be selected as the backdrop. At any time, you can change the theme's standard wallpaper. This design uses WordPress Customizing headers for uploading user-defined headers and logos, which you can access via WordPress dashboard - appearances - headers.

You can upload the WordPress uploader file or choose an already downloaded picture. The sparkling design is based on the Flexslider slide control, which is integrated into the design and requires no plug-in. For this topic there are several adjustments available, which you can make via appearance >> adjust >> sparkling options. Changing the element colors, the links colors, the headers styles, the footers colors, the colors of the links, and many other things.

Navigate to a specific page where you want to disable WP dashboard annotations. This may be deactivated, but you can activate it via the options in the top right hand part of the Post/Page editing window. I use 1920 x 550 pixels pictures for Sparkling Demo, but you are welcome to use any other picture sizing.

You should see the blogs on the title page by default. Please note that this is not the case. When you have decided to use the home page as a fixed page, as I did in the theme demo, you need to set up the blogs page seperately. The sparkling topic is translatable and contains translated data. See this how-to guide on how to compile this or any other WordPress topic.

As soon as you have finished translating Sparkling, please submit your translations for use and we will add them to the next topic up-date. They are also presented on our website and the theme install itself. The gallery page as in Sparkling Demo is built with the Jetpack plug-in from the same developer behind WordPress itself.

Activate the Tiled Galleries feature via the WordPress Dashboard - Jetpack. Make a WordPress Warehouse and under Warehouse Settings on the right side of the Warehouse editing screen, specify the tiled mosaic. We' ve made it simple to modify the copyright information in the footer for this topic. It can be changed via Appearance >> Customize >> Sparkling Options >> Footer.

HTML for the URL and other formats is supported by this template. It is also possible to modify the footer wallpaper, text and links colour using the theme options. The function is deactivated by standard and can be activated via Look >> Customize >> Sparkling Options >> Action Buttons. The most important parts of this section are text, buttons and links where this click able to guide your users.

Below you'll find several colour choices to customise this area, but it's only option and this area will look breathtaking (as in the theme demo), without any customisation. It' a WordPress customized Widget that can be used like any other standard one. It can be activated via Appearance widgets by choosing "Sparkling Popular Possessions Widget".

You have only two choices and both are uncomplicated - titles and number of posts. It' a WordPress customized Widget to show categorys and the number of posts for each of them. Not much, but it looks much better than the standard WordPress class wideget. It uses the same set of profiles that you can set in the Topic Option - Socially.

There are no adjustment settings for this wideget except Titles. Ensure that you use CSR URLs as " Custom Links " in the menus. As soon as you have finished with the main menus (Social Profiles), you should choose "Theme Location" as "Social Menu" for the main menue. Sparkling Icons appear in the bottom line by default, but you can also use Sparkling social widgets to include them in other widgets.

The widgetblocks are 3 areas with a maximum of 7 widgetblocks. An area is for the title page (if one is used), the second for a normal side bar and the third for the bottom line broadget area. Each of these broadget areas can contain an infinite number of widgets. If not, 3 extra directories will be uploaded that are already part of the theme and cause duplicate, conflict and poor system response, and we're sure you don't want to do this.

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