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SparLit, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia. Sparklit is a team of web designers who passionately develop apps like forums and ad serving.

The AdButler is a fully featured ad managed system that can help you administer your ad campaigns on-line.

The AdButler is a fully featured ad managed system that can help you administer your ad space. Plan and administer your campaign, provide impact, track progress and administer your promotional account. The FourEyes is the first poll engine that not only makes it easier for you to post nice polls, but also makes your answers meaningful to you.

The power of our datamining engines is such that they provide insight into where other applications spit out numbers. The ActiveBoard is an easily usable, hosting board. Our goal is to help you keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Set-up time is 5 mins or less and setup is child's play.

Configuring is simple via our web-based user surface and the services are fully hosted.

Work at Sparklit

I have been working for SparkLIT for almost a year and have really loved my stay here! He' s extreme contemplative and always goes the mile to make sure his crew is cared for (I hurt my back for a few month at SparkLIT and Rajiv ordered me a height-adjustable writing table so I can either stay or be seated and sent me for a massaging session on his dim!

Everybody who works here is extreme.... kind and we always do things and hang out outside work. Recently we were together at Rifflandia 2016, which was a great pleasure (Rajiv purchased all our V.I.P. passes to have a good summer). SBLIT provides an excellent work-life equilibrium with unrestricted holidays and flexible working times when needed (usually 9-5, but if you need to get started early ect).

Also we have a tennis court and we have pizzas every other Wednesday.

Sparklit Motor Traders & Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Soon Sparklit began to focus on hydraulic, pump and injection nozzle repair, as well as repair of large vehicles and earthmoving machinery. Due to its great popularity, Sparklit was founded in 1986 as a private Limited Partnership (No: N (PVS) 2655). Sparklit founded its affiliate Sparklit Hydraulic (Pvt.) Ltd. in 2000 to build on its strength in the hydraulic field.

Sparklit is today one of the most sought-after lighting and hydraulic technicians in the area, thanks to its extensive know-how acquired through cooperation with German technicians, its practical expertise in providing lighting technology equipment to meet very demanding requirements, its use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment, its ongoing research and developments and its excellent level of client support.

The Sparklit is fitted with many machines manufactured in Germany and Finland for the production of hydraulics components. In addition, we also use many other world-renowned brand names of machines and systems to offer other lighting technology related products andervices.

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