Special Domain Services inc Godaddy

Dedicated Domain Services incl. Godaddy

Formerly they were the best for hosting and customer service. What????


I' ve come up with this domain that I want to sign up for. Going to whois.sc and checking the state... - There seems to be no information about the domain name. - It indicates it's Godaddy enrolled. - All name servers on the domain are..... Thus I look up the whole thing on DOMAINCONTROL.com and it shows that Godaddy seems to own this domain because the domain name is displayed by the administrator, the domain administrator and the technical support person.... what Godaddy's adress is ( I think), but the name associated with this adress is......

"{\a6}Special Domain Services, Inc." My sense is that this means that this domain has been seized by Godaddy because the prior registration could have done something unlawful or otherwise inappropriate. Who knows what it means when Godaddy acquires a domain under the name Special Domain Services, Inc.

Who knows how long I will have to wait in order to be able to register this domain even though it was due to expire on August 8, 2007?

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