Special Themed Restaurant

A special theme restaurant

Topic restaurants are one of the highlights in Tokyo. Below are some new ways to win new customers with special evenings. In Connaught Place, Filmy Café and Bar there is another Bollywood theme restaurant that has immediately become a customer favourite.

Craziest themed restaurants in Japan

Topic style dining is one of Tokyo's top attractions. There is a real Dohyo (Sumo ring), which stands directly in the center of the restaurant. At the same time you can immerse yourself in the ambience of Sumo and taste good quality Japonese cuisine. A themed restaurant about the Sengoku era, where you can see a copy of the armour of some samurai from that time.

In this restaurant you can see many Samurai banners and coat of arms. A themed restaurant about Alice in Wonderland. This restaurant's ambience is very charming and a great place for staying with friends and relatives. AdressSun Buildings 5F, 8-8-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, This restaurant is located in old Kyoto.

Colourful vermilion-coloured houses and quiet, weakly lit lamps recreate the Kyoto spirit. but yeah, there's always a themed restaurant about the vamp. It is a themed restaurant built on the topic of angling. Strange as it may seem, you can actually catch your own catch in the restaurant!

This restaurant's name says it all. Those waitresses in this restaurant are clothed like... yeah, spirits. Think about what happens in the restaurant, stay in the restaurant..... ALCATRAZ E.R. Prepare yourself for another ultimative zombie adventure in the clinic... no, you' re waiting, there is indeed a proper restaurant, but once you go in, you don't need to come out.....

Nah, just a joke, but this restaurant will take you into your darkest of nightmares and probably your most memorable eating out! Offering hundrets of good video's about sights throughout Japan.

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