Spiritual Theme for 2016

A Spiritual Theme for 2016

Twelve spiritual themes that include a wide range of resources to broaden your perspective and enrich your search for meaning. Soul Matters' 2016-2017 themes and record partners. For the Baptist congregation of New Life 2018, the spiritual theme is "New Vision, New Life".

Montly Spiritual Themes - Boise Unitarisch Universalistische Gemeinschaft

It is a UU-themed service and church experience oriented ministry initiative with designed ressources to research the topic in a number of ways. Every months will have a spiritual theme (see below) which we will see as the basic theme during most of our church ministries, as well as the spiritual sunset.

Religious education will use the topics as a basis for the Sunday mornings RE course, Adulthood, Sr. High and possible possibilities for ALE. Small group Ministries or Kelk Groups will use the topics at their regular meetings, and other groups and committee members will be encouraged to use the resource and investigate the topics if they feel well.

The theme will also be integrated into our aesthetic Sunday choir room designs, on order f covers, and provided with personal ized instruments to address it with reflective issues and spiritual expression. Hopefully this will be a way for our fellowship to create a common place for spiritual grow and connect.

Much of our reading, questioning, exercises daily and other resource come from the Soul Markers Sharing Circle, a group of 130 churches that use topics and exchange resource and idea every month. Sharing information and sharing experiences is a great way to help us improve our lives. Every months we present you the record partner for the months, a non-profit organization whose work and missions are related to judicial affairs.

Our first Sunday of the week is our Sunday of Justice, on which the theme of praise, the homily, and the children's RE will be connected to the work of the record partners and will honour them. Along with their nominees and their partners, Father Sara and the Council for Social Justice will be exploring possibilities through collaboration networking (e.g. books debate, art space, theme forums, workshops, etc.).

Please see our Platepartners website for more information about the Platepartners below.

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