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Take a rectangular photo in square form "Insta size". There was a problem exporting to non-square size instagrams. Web site developer - App Support.

Change the size and cropping of your photographs, stills, and illustrations on-line

Now open and trim your picture and change its size. Trim to pre-defined Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter header styles, or make your own trims. Store or mail the result picture or split it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+. You can also use some fundamental edit functions: Free Drawing, Text Editor, Rotation, Mirror and Rectangle Drawing.

When you open an image that you want to trim or adjust in size, you can choose to trim or adjust the size of the picture. You can also move an object to this pane. If you click Trim, everything around him will be removed. Create a rectangular around the area you want to keep. If you click Trim, everything around him will be removed. Using the pointer, create square and rectangular shapes on the picture.

Select Colour and Frame Width. Using the cursor, create a circle or ellipse on the picture. Select Colour and Frame Width. Drag the cursor over the picture. Select Colour and Line Width. To begin to add text, click the picture, and then begin input. Select fonts and backgrounds and font sizes.

Build your free online store

It' quick, simple and free to have your own Square shop on-line. Retain your own custom address or get a new one, free from Square. Dispatch, e-mail deliveries and pick-up in the shop are possible. It' free to open your Square Shop on-line - no montly charges or hosted charges. Add to your stationary shop or build a brand-new free shop on-line.

Make your free online shopping experience run in just a few clicks. Make your buisness your way. No matter whether you offer goods or a service, sell goods or ticket or accept a donation, at your Square Online Retail outlet your customer can use their Visa or Visa direct debit cards to purchase goods for shipment, e-shipment or pick-up at the point of sale.

Bring it all on-line. Immediately make all your Square Point of Sale products available for immediate use. Squares offers you a fully featured system for your on-line and off-line selling. The stock counting is synchronized via on-line and personal orders. Warnings inform you when an article becomes scarce, so that you are always in stock and do not miss a single purchase.

Easy reporting unites all your selling so everything makes sence. Watch every deal you make. Review the progress of all your orders and always know how many seats or articles are still available. Acknowledge orders when they come in, use e-Delivery for ticketing or membership, put back articles for collection at the shop and see what's already been sent in clear, succinct overviews.

Quickly and conveniently down-load all your new clients so you can review participants at the meeting or track recent orders. Receive vouchers created specifically for your company. Quadratic gifts give clients what they want and bring more poeple to the doors. Consumers can cash their tickets in face-to-face or at your Square Online Store.

Levy is only levied on purchases made on-line that are sent within your county and you can determine these levies per article via the Square Dashboard. Currently, no taxation is levied on purchases made on-line and sent outside the provinces. You can visit the Canada Business website, speak to a chartered accountant or your nearest federal office for information regarding the calculation and settlement of your income taxation.

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