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Walkthrough Guide to Creating a Square Website for Your Clinical Research Facility - Forte Previously, we examined the advantages of using Squarespace to create a website for your clinic. Powerful Web sites are crucial to the recruiting and retaining of patients to your site, in additional to enhancing your Web site's ability to attract sponsor and supporters. We will go through the step-by-step instructions in this section to get familiar with Squarespace.

You have to create your own website and then you have to create your own website. Just your web site is your web site name or the kind of web site that someone would enter into an web site to visit your site - "atlanticclinicalresearch.com" is an example of a web site. If you select a domainname, keep it easy.

When www. [name of your research page].com is already assigned, try to specify it by entering a place or a name. They want their domains to be unique and catchy, making it simple for patient and sponsor to find them on-line. In order to enroll your domainname, you must make an annuity payment - Squarespace will charge the user between $5-$46/month to enroll your domainname and service your website.

The choice of a pattern from the tens of Squarespace offerings can be stunning if you don't know what you're looking for. Which headlines appear in the website's initial navigational structure (i.e. in the top of each page in the top menu)? As soon as you have a better feeling for the needs of your website, the selection of a submission should be a little simpler.

If you click on a particular Squarespace style sheet while browsing, you can see it in the Action pane and see samples of sites created with that style sheet. And if you are still not sure which is the best choice for your site, try to start with Bedford or Hayden. Either of these Squarespace patterns are easy, but slick.

When you begin to design your website with a design pattern and determine that it's not quite right, you can change the design pattern at any moment without loosing your job - this is one of the advantages of using Squarespace to create a website for your research site. As soon as you have your domains and chosen a submission, it's your turn to fill your website with contents.

Once you have completed a short survey - using the Squarespace to customize your site to your needs - you will be directed to your website designer baseball. You will see an overview of the latest version of your website navigator on the far right of your computer monitor. As your templates are pre-installed with wildcard pages and indexes, these wildcard pages are unlikely to match your site's requirements.

An easy way to navigate that might be more suitable for your website is shown on the leftside. Please click on one of the pages in the navigational menue to modify the contents of that page. The Squarespace text editors are relatively easy to use, but if you encounter a problem or have a question, visit the Help and Support page.

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