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The Hosting Square offers economical and reliable hosting services that meet the needs of everyone. Complimentary Transfers eseller hosting is delivered with WHM & fully equipped cPanel controls for your customers. Completely administered premier server virtualization. cPanel & WHM free of charge. Stronger and more adaptable than hosted sharing.

Our server solutions have world-class hardened and tested technology for ultimate power and availability. Do you currently host your website with another hosting provider?

cPanel & WHM provides you with the necessary tool to make it a success. cPanel contains a variety of functions with which you can steer practically every aspects of your website. The WHM assists in managing the servers and each hosting accounts on the servers.

Wordpress, AbanteCart, PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Bootstrap and PhilBB are some of the favorite scripting that can be immediately deployed on our premium web hosting platforms. There are several back-up server that store more than one point of all your files. Sixty day money back guarantee - At any time during the first sixty day you can get a full refund if you are dissatisfied with our services.

99,9% availability warranty - We ensure the availability of your website! 24/7 technical assistance is guaranteed by our in-house technical staff, we are always there for you! Every site has fibre optic redundancy path ways, SAS 70 Type2 certifications, SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 certified SAS 70 Type2 Type2 Type2 Type2 Type2 Type2 Type2 Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type Type S S S S S S "Best fucking web hosting in the business....

I not only found a better hosting now, but also a home!"

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Location of server: Location of server: Location of server: You can contact our customer service team around the clock by phone, live chat or e-mail with any questions you may have about hosting. Widely used in the web hosting business, Softwareaculous has enabled billions of web site visitors to deploy apps with a single click. Since 2000 we have been offering web hosting service and we own the server and they are located in Chennai, India, in a prime data center.

90 percent of the web hosting businesses in India run their businesses on leased US web hosting services and they will not have direct contact with these services. Our common hosting site's common configurations are Dual Xeon Hexacore with 64GB memory, but most other web hosting service provider hosts the sites on a desktops processor-based computer and call them servers.

A big benefit of our hosted web hosting is the low level of latent time, but most other latencies will be 5 to 20 x higher than ours. Servicing your website in India will give much benefit in India wide web sites because web sites with low latent rates are loved by webmasters.

Hosting web is nothing more than the sharing of disk storage area, CPU, data transferring a devoted servers with several clients than you. all of which are equipped with our web hosting services. Most commonly used are sitebuilders and 1-click installers and these two come free with all our web hosting plans. What's more, you can use our web hosting service to build your own website.

Use the best web-based web hosting web hosting web panels (cPanel) and from cPanel you can simply set up e-mail account, subdomain, view web stats and much more. 70 percent of our clients buy "Jupiter Plan", the most favorite and favorite plan. Our web hosting schedules are all full of features and just the slightest differences will be the amount of room, the amount of available domains and the amount of available time.

No matter which schedule you select, you'll get the same world-class level of customer service. The only thing you have to do is select a schedule according to the functions you want. You can extend your schedule at any time by payment of the balance, which is proportionately computed. When you want to have more than one hosting in your hosting area, Earth Map is for you.

Not sure yet, click on the webcam' web hosting link and our web hosting consultants will help you select the best schedule for your needs. Our name is Supermicro, the world's leading corporate hosting company. Most supercomputers in the worid, mostly cluster machines, run on supermicro-stations.

All our common web hosting server were run with Dual Xeon Hexacore and 64GB random access memory, which is very uncommon in the web hosting world. Please get in touch with us before you terminate your old web hosting subscription so that our technicians can schedule and perform the transfers without uptime. I' ve just bought a web hosting scheme, what do I do now?

As soon as you have received this e-mail, your hosting access is operational. Hosting will be activated within one hours after receiving your money. It is possible in our "Earth Plan", you can list indefinite sites on this hosting suite and any site you list under this hosting suite will be reflected as an unique website as well as your traffic and your searching engine.

The majority of hosting schedules have limitless bandwith and you don't have to be afraid. There are only certain planes that have bandwith limits, and if you need extra bandwith for your bankroll, you need to climb to a bigger one that has infinite bandwith by payment of the balance. It is also possible to login to your panel at any moment to see your latest bandwith utilization stats.

At any time, you can refresh your balance by making the payment of the balance between your existing balance and your new balance. It is possible to upload data to your web hosting accounts via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or with the File Manager under your cPanel log-in. Use your affiliate profile to keep your web sites up to date and changing at any time and as often as you like.

They can do it around the clock. New bank balances are warranted within 4 working days of receipt of your order confirmation from you. Use your Moneybookers ID to create and maintain your own website, including your own website, your own website, your own website, your own business website and your e-commerce website. If you are using our web hosting service, then you need to hosting it in your local hosting system, you can get our web hosting offers.

With our easy-to-use cPanel console, hosting your website will be quite simple. Their hosting schedule comes with a 1-click installation tool that allows you to deploy the most favorite programs like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and 300+ other scripting. Also known as sharing web hosting, sharing web hosting is a web hosting enviroment in which hosting logs of several hundred clients are saved on a central web serving machine, all sharing the same system resource such as hard drive storage, RAM, bandwidth and central processing unit.

Sharing Hosting is a best web hosting platform for those who have humble hosting needs such as small businesses, individuals, academia, school, non-profit organizations and amateurs with a weblog. It' also the best way for those who are new to web hosting will give a good learn curve to understanding and exploring.

Recent research shows that 94% of domain names are hostd in Websharing. In addition, our web hosting plans were the ideal base if you want to start a new website or start a new venture and are not sure how much diskspace or traffic it will use. Fewer than 1% of our global hosting clients need more ressources and can migrate to VPS hosting or committed hosting by simply charging the balance.

  • This is an easy file management tool to administer the data and folder under your hosting client to. - Use simple e-mail management to creation / deletion of e-mail addresses, e-mail forwarding, etc.

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