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Log in to Squarespace 5 - Squarespace Help Likely to use Squarespace 5 if you enrolled for a Squarespace space before July 2012. These guidelines will show you how to sign in to your Squarespace 5 website. In Squarespace 5, a different logon point and procedure is used than in Squarespace 7. Go to the standard logon page of your website using this URL:

Verify that you have capitalised the "L" in "Login" to open your logon page at the above mentioned link. As you view any page on your site, hit the escape key and a logon page opens. Type in your Squarespace 5 username and passphrase and click Sign in. This is the name at the beginning of your SquarespaceURL and not your e-mail adress.

Example, if your squarespace is 5 URL: You' re under the name of an account: Here is an example of a typically Squarespace 5 logon page. Have you forgotten your username or your email address, click I have forgotten my username or my email address? Hint: You are currently seeing the help page of Squarespace 7. For more information about using Squarespace 5, please see the Squarespace 5 Help.

Help with Squarespace 5 - Login Squarespace5

What is my bank name? On this page you will learn how to register with your Squarespace 5 website. Please use your username to sign in, not an e-mail adress. Sign up using the registration URL below instead of www.squarespace.com. On your Squarespace 5 page, sign in with the submission URL of your website, also known as the Google Directory URL:

Visit the website and replace "accountname" with the name of your website site name. Make sure that the login is capitalised. You can use your Squarespace 5 username and your username and username to login to your website. If your website's built-in domains are, for example, mycoolsite.squarespace.com, go to https://mycoolsite.squarespace.com/display/Login and login with your mecoolsite and your passphrase. What is my bank name?

The Squarespace 5 website has a built-in top level domains consisting of your accountname and the Squarespace name. When your built-in domainname is https://username.squarespace.com, your accountname is the user name. When you can't recall your accountname or built-in address, read our bug fixing tip. Although we suggest that you sign in using your site's submission url, there are a few other options:

Custom Logon Page - Creates a logon page or navigational links. In order to sign in, members should use the same sign-in URL they use: www.ch and replace the username with the username of your site.

You can then sign in using the member username and passwords you provided when creating your member area. When you can't memorize your passwords or need to change them back, click I have forgotten my passwords above the passwords box on the sign-in page. An e-mail to recover the passcode is sent to the e-mail included in the site data for your site by default.

For problems with login, see the login troubleshooter.

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