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This is Squarespace 6 For Dummies. Welcome. Before the summer of 2012 Squarespace user to be, was like a Mac user in the 90s. In order to refer your domain name to Squarespace, please follow the steps below: E-mail server settings - How to: Point your domain to square 6 - How to: This is a collection of my articles and analyses of Squarespace templates.

Introduction of Squarespace 6 - The official Squarespace Blog

Today, after years of efforts, we are pleased to announce the launch of Squarespace 6. Your anonymity is the focus of Squarespace. It' s vital that all companies and individual users not only have an on-line visibility that they are proud of, but one that they master.

Squarespace 6's primary mission is to provide our clients with instant acces to the best in advanced web site development, unrivalled web page creation utilities, blog and gallery creation, and online integration that will keep you in touch - all in an sleek user experience that makes your site management a pleasure.

You should speak about many interesting things in this edition, but first of all a certain outlook. Squarespace's first launch took place in January 2004. At that time the developed architectural design still drives the Squarespace services today. Ultimately, we can make abundant, nice interactivity apps and web sites, and we are completely free in many ways to use the browser's screen to construct everything we want to do.

Square Space 6 has been designed from the bottom up to use these technology not only to provide a quick and attractive back-end for your website management, but also to run the various template and sites we've always dreamt of. Square space 6 is equipped with over 50 new functions.

Everything on our site has been affected in some way, from the central blogsystem, the administration of the medias, the commentsystem and much more. Submissions - Our release submissions are of unprecedented value - from optically rugged library submissions to minimalistic blog posts. This is not an usual template. The Squarespace 6 template is visual, designed by an all-star designer and based on the latest web-technology.

Each of our template pages has uniquely integrated portable experience, so your website will look great on any phone. DesignEngine - At the core of Squarespace 6 is DesignEngine, a groundbreaking new page creation engine that enables anyone to produce visually appealing, magazine-like page designs in the web navigator that are scalable to any display format, from portable to desktop.

Historically, the layouts LayoutEngine can create have not only demanded a high degree of skill in designing, but also a high degree of coding knowledge. Squarespace 6 makes it extraordinarily simple to move your contributions to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr even more, to activate your visitors' share button, to broadcast Twitter, Instagram, Flickr to your page and to post pages and galeries directly to your Facebook page.

Enhanced Import - Squarespace 6 includes Importer for Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger and Squarespace 5. Import blog posts maintain their initial structure of URLs to perfection, and we dowload and rehost your assets on our site to make sure they run smoothly. Manage your assets - Never change the resizing of an asset again. Squarespace 6 uses a variety of different shapes to reduce the dimensions of all your uploaded items, and our system cleverly chooses the right picture sizes to show to your users.

We also allow you to select focus points for your gallery, so if you've chosen a pattern that needs to trim your pictures, we can make sure you get the right trim every single use. Development Platform - While today's version revolves around the consumers of Squarespace 6, there is one of them, asterisk.

Our development plattform, with which we have created every website on our plattform, from our homepage to each of our template, will soon be available and will allow our designers to manage every line of HTML on a squarespace site. It is our aim to respond to all your queries about the new website and its effects on our existing clients.

There is no need to move your website to Squarespace 6, nor is your website converted any more. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that the launch of our new website does not interfere with your website and your way of working. Squarespace 5 platforms are fully indefinite support. To all Squarespace 5 clients we offer a free Squarespace 6 website.

Now you can easily bring your blog, pages and gallery from your current website into Squarespace 6 without affecting your web site, and run both sites in tandem. Changing to Squarespace 6 will require you to choose a new website style and layout. All your blog, commentary and gallery from Squarespace 5 can be uploaded to a new Squarespace 6 page.

Squarespace 6 is available today from $8 per month with 24/7 technical and free user-defined domains (with one-year subscription). Squarespace's pricing remains the same and all new template files are taken into account at all layers of the map. The Squarespace 6 is a long lasting web site and this long lasting approach is deep within the Squarespace 6 weaving.

Square Space 6 provides a strong base for us to make interactive, engaging Web pages and place them in the capable hands o f milions. Ever since our founding, our designs have been an essential driving force behind our business. It is the expertise of the technologies we are interacting with that determines our designs and, if well done, can provide the kind of expertise that adds a little extra value to the technologies.

The importance of designing is evident across the entire Squarespace 6 platforms, from our first page, to the template we create, to our administration workspace. Together with the technique to make it come alive, it is this style that distinguishes the place. Squarespace is not only a technological enterprise, but also a label for many different kinds of fashions.

Your website is a mirror image of your personalities that will be seen and formed by you. That' s why it is important that we keep finding the right equilibrium between technique and styling. We' re curious to see what we - and you - can achieve with such a great portal.

You can use the #squarespace6 hash tag.

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