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Introduction of Squarespace 7 - The official Squarespace Blog Today we are happy to announce Squarespace 7, our biggest release in two years. The new Squarespace 7 offers a complete redesign of the Website Management user experience, deeper Getty Images integrations, a page creator for covers, Gmail and Google Apps for Work integrations, 15 new custom themes and much more. Square Space 7 is the culmination of years of efforts to improve the ease of use of our platforms while maintaining their performance.

A great website is often based on great pictures - with our new Getty Imageries solution, you now have dozens of million high-quality pictures, beginning at $10 per picture, from your own creativity and editors. And for those of you who want personalised emails, you can subscribe directly to Squarespace for Gmail for Work and other Google Apps functionality (starting at only $5/user per month).

As of today, the new database will be available to groups of Squarespace clients in a monitored PR meta-version. More information, as well as the ability to get into Squarespace 7, can be found on our website at www.squarespace.com/seven. If you have special queries, see our Squarespace 7 FAQ www.squarespace.com/seven/faq. Keep up the discussion with us on Twitter with the hash tag #squarespace7.

Change from square room 5 to square room 7 - Square room help

Square space 7 is our latest user surface, which should make the construction and the administration of your website more intuitively. Switching from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7 involves the migration of your contents from our older platforms to a totally new one. That means that you redesign your website with a Squarespace 7 style sheet and then import your contents.

It may be necessary to restore all contents that cannot be imported through the importer as well. You will be guided through how to move your page contents and setup on Squarespace 7. There is a 14-day free evaluation version so you can try Squarespace 7 before you move your site. Please note: You must register a new user when you launch your Squarespace 7 evaluation version, so be sure to register a new one.

Their Squarespace 5 logon information does not work with Squarespace 7. See Selecting the right Squarespace products and plans for more information. Some of the favourite template for clients migrating from Squarespace 5 are: Remember that you can change the template at any time without loosing your contents. Use the same e-mail addresses and passwords if you already have a Squarespace 7ccount.

Square Space 7 has a different user experience than Square Space 5. There will be some pre-loaded demos on your site that you will later substitute for your own demos. In the area on the far right, make any changes to the layout and look of your website. From your Squarespace 7 site, click Preferences in the Start menu, click Extended, and then click Import/Export.

Choose Imports. Choose V5 from the Site importer drop-down list. Type your Squarespace 5 accountname and your passwort. The first part of your Squarespace 5 is your Accountname. If your full Squarespace 5, for example, reads http://yoursite.squarespace. com, type in your website. Choose Start Export. Importing contents begins.

Duration of this period will depend on how much your Squarespace 5 website contains. See the section Imports contents from Squarespace 5 for details. Click Delete, and then click import if the tag contains errors. Re-try the export and pay attention to the following: In the first box, use your bank name, not the website URL or your e-mail adress.

You can only use Squarespace 5 to upload your own posts, pages, commentaries and gallery. Pictures and data that you have added to the memory and to which you are connected on your website must be substituted. There is no way to export your sound podcasts. Contents that have been loaded from a Markdown enabled log will not be displayed. Traffic Overview information is not exported.

Find out more about the analysis capabilities of Squarespace 7. We' ve uploaded your contents to your website, but they won't appear until you activate them. In the Page pane, you organise the contents of your website - similar to the Architecture pane in Squarespace 5. The page area shows the demonstration contents of your website.

Notice: If one of your Squarespace 5 pages has the same fullURL (., for example) as a page on your Squarespace 7 page, please modify the Squarespace 7 page slot before importing. For more information, see Move Pages in Navigational Tools. Contents that you have directly posted to pages, image galeries or magazine articles in Squarespace 5 have been migrated to your new website.

You must, however, enter certain contents manually: Pictures that are added to the filespace and then referenced on your Squarespace 5 site. Those will be imported into your website but will vanish as soon as you shut down your Squarespace 5 website. All the other contents that you have added to the filespace and then placed on your Squarespace 5 website.

Contents in your header and footer or side bars. Tip: In Squarespace 5 you can only load individual data sets from the data area. You can use third-party softwares or web browsers enhancements such as Chrono download manager (Chrome) or DownloadThemAll (Firefox) to quickly and easily upload large quantities of your data. As these are third-party products and sevices, they do not come within the Squarespace Supports area.

Pictures are transferred as code blocks to your Squarespace 7 site. Hint: If the file name of the picture contained a blank, it must not be imported at all. If this is the case, go to your Squarespace 5 page to get the source picture. Login to your Squarespace 7 page. In order to substitute the picture, first of all, please load it from your Squarespace 5 memory.

Open the page editor on your Squarespace 7 page. In order to migrate by hand any contents you have added via the Filespace 5 website's Filespace area, please retrieve them from the Filespace and place them on the appropriate pages of your Squarespace 7 website. Square space 7 has no data area.

In order to attach your downloaded data to a page in Squarespace 7, you need to attach it to text, navigational and click image hyperlinks. Sidebar, footing, and heading contents are not transferred during your imports, so you'll need to apply them later. Edit page bars - Enable and edit page bars. Please note: Sidebar, footer and Header contents are not transferred between Squarespace 7 template.

For information on how to refresh your own plug URLs (the part of the plug that follows your bot domain), see Change Plug URLs. These guidelines will show you how to define your standard HTML layout for your blogs so that all your imports can have the same layout as they had on your Squarespace 5 website.

It is also possible to build a 404 user-defined page if one of your users finds a broken hyperlink. The redirect is an important way to optimize the searching machine of your website through the change to a new CMS. While relocating a website to a new site can lead to a transient decline in rankings, redirecting is the best way to mitigate the impact of migrating.

For more information, see Maintain your rankings after switching to Squarespace. If you have a user-defined domains, the URIs will not work until you have submitted the domains; see 11. Product - Squarespace 7 provides built-in commerce capabilities for all locations. Indices - Index pages organise contents from several pages in a unique place.

Squarespace 7's stylistic mode of Squarespace 5 is the same as the stylistic mode of Squarespace 5. In a similar way to Styles mode, the Styles editor only displays optimizations (style options) that are unique to the displayed page. If, for example, you are on a blog page when you are navigating to the Styles Editor, it displays blog page optimizations but not product page optimizations.

Just like in Styles mode, you can click items on your page to see the corresponding styles.

If you are willing to update your Squarespace 7 website to live reckoning, click Update Now in the bottom of your display window baranner. See upgrading to a chargeable subscription on the Squarespace 7 help page for details. Your chosen subscription schedule will affect the free user-defined domainname you have created on Squarespace 5.

Only if you select an yearly schedule will the free space remain. When you have a user-defined domainname, you can always move it to your Squarespace 7 site. A lot of folks like to sit and watch their website get up and running before moving the domains so that the web address always leads the visitor to an actively running website.

The way you move the domainname will depend on how you register it: When you have purchased a third site website such as GoDaddy, please do this. When you have your free Squarespace 5 registration, please complete these simple procedures. When you have linked a third parties domains (e.g. Network Solutions or 1&1) to your Squarespace 5 location, please complete these steps:

Login to your Squarespace 5 page. Then click Website Management, and then click Custom domain. Move your mouse over your domainname and click on "unlink". As soon as you have disconnected your domainname, you can link it to your Squarespace 7 site. Please note: You can only move your Squarespace 5 user-defined domains to an Active Squarespace 7 site in a yearly schedule.

When you have created a user-defined domainname through us on Squarespace 5, please get in touch with us and we will move the domainname to your new Squarespace 7 website. As soon as you are willing to use your Squarespace 7 website on an exclusive basis, you can choose to void your Squarespace 5 website in order not to pay for two websites at the same time. In order to terminate your Squarespace 5 accounts, login to your Squarespace 5 website and click on Website Management, then on Billing & Accounts.

To cancel your membership, click on Cancel your membership, type in your login and click on Cancel your membership, then click on Cancel your membership. Tip: If you have an yearly or semiannual schedule, please delete your balance to get a pro-rata rebate for uptime. Happy birthday - your Squarespace 7 page is now online! Hopefully you will enjoy the new user experience and we recommend that you visit our help page to find out more about the new functions available to you.

Here is a checklist of words to help you get started with the new user experience. From the Squarespace 7 user interface, push the / or? button to find a control box, setup, or helper. Edited notes are available on all pages except when the Style Editor is open. Explanations on the rights of Squarespace.

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