Squarespace Accept Donations

Acceptance of Squarespace Donations

You can do both with our Donation Plugin. Use of the donation block - Square help Using the donations block, you can allow your guests to make donations for your purposes or organisation. Your donations block will appear as a donations icon on the page. Clicking the icon takes a user to a page where they can make a contribution and send it. Adjusts the text of the buttons, proposed donations, and icon theme.

It is also possible to create a customized template to gather information from a donor. Donation pad works through our trading system and uses stripes to fund your banking area. You' re gonna have to have a strip office to raise money across the bloc. A donation pad can be added during a test version.

In order to use the donations block to raise donations, link your website to a Stripe account  in the Payout Settings. For donations there are transactions charges. Control policies that you set up via Squarespace do not affect donations. Please always ask for an e-mail-adress ( necessary ) and a telephone number at the cash desk. Please note: It is currently not possible to edit donations via PayPal.

Alternatively, you can also make donations directly via PayPal. Choose Donate from the Dispense drop-down list. Type a name in the field Titles in the Spendenblock-Editor. Titles are displayed on the donations page and in Thank You e-mails to the donor. In the Brief text field, specify information about your cause.

A brief explanation will be displayed on the donation page. The donation pad icon is set to "Donate" by default, but you can modify it to suit your needs. If, for example, you use the donation pad for a fund, you can modify it to "Send us a gift". "Browse down and type a new tag in the Custom Label field.

In order to modify the orientation of the buttons, click Left, Center, or Right from the Key Orientation drop-down list. If you want to include proposed contributions, click the Contributions page. These encourage the visitor to make donations at certain tiers. Users can either pick from the proposed amount or make a donation. The proposed rates are a good way to establish different sponsoring tiers.

By leaving the Amount field empty, users can specify their contribution amount without pre-defined choices. It is possible to attach tags to specified quantities, such as "Gold Membership" or "Feeds 10 Mice. If you want to include a customized subscription to your receipt pad, click the Additionally button. They can use this to allow a donor to donate in honour of someone, choose a thank you present, or indicate where their contribution should go.

Administers and business owners can see filled out donor information in the donations section. Choose a formfield you want to include. For more information on the individual formfields, see FORmfields. Customize your check-out preferences to optimize the fundraising process and get more information from your sponsors. Then click check out. A few preferences in this section, such as the delivery adress, do not influence the check out of donations page.

Here is what goes for donations: Check out on your website site - Sponsors can make payment from your website's user-defined website name. Mailinglists - Give your donators the opportunity to subscribe to a mailinglist at the fund. Standard Land in Adress Boxes - Specify a standard land to speed up check-out. Supplementary Boxes - Ask your sponsors to provide their telephone numbers or provide a customized blank that they can fill out.

Styles the Make a Gift section buttons of the Styles Editor. Design the check-out page with the Page Styles Editor. Customise the automated e-mail that senders get for their donations. You' ll get an e-mail alert when someone makes a contribution. You also have direct contact to a donations board where you can administer donations.

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