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Dashboard Your Account - Square Help You can use your account dashboard to check your Squarespace site, domain and account information, and your account in one place. Your Account Dashboard is a great navigation and management tools for all websites if you are contributing to many. You can see the detail depending on your eligibility for each website.

View your Dashboard account: Please go to account.squarespace.com. Alternatively, if you're signed in to a website, go to the Start menu, browse down and click your logo or your Initials. When you are asked to do so, login to your account. When you have problems, come see me, I can't sign up. When you first enter the account dashboard, the pictures may not appear immediately, but they should appear within about an hours.

Web pages displays all the Web pages you are contributing to, even past Web pages. In order to have a website removed from the account dashboard, you can either opt out of participating in the website or completely opt out. When you are the website owner, administrator, or a collaborator with chargeback privileges for a test page or outdated page, you can directly clear them from the account dashboard.

On the Account Dashboard, locate the website you want to remove. Then click Remove Website. Press Remove. This page disappears from all dashboards for contributors. For more information about what happens after you remove a Web site, see Remove a Web site and its contents. In order to remove an existing website, go to Remove a website and its contents.

When you don't need a website to be accessible, you can give up your privileges and delete the website from your account dashboard. For more information, see Delete Yourself as a Participant. In order to move Site Property to another account, see the section Change Site Property. Domains shows each squarespace and third-party user-definedomain associated with your account.

From the Account Dashboard, move the mouse pointer over your image or your blank in the upper right hand corner and choose: "Profile picture": View to modify your postings. Accounts & Security to modify your account e-mail or your passwords, activate two-factor authentification and administer associated Squarespace applications. Alerts for managing your e-mail settings. Choose a different currency to customize your account to your favorite currency.

Find out more about the Square Circle. Please help us to access this knowledge base. Login to unsubscribe from your account.

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