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Square Space Super Bowl Ad is Keanu riding a motorcycle. Special: Great Bowl Would you like to get the latest Super Bowl ad updates in your emailbox? Register here to subscribe to our redesigned Super Bowl Alerts emailletter. Keyanu Reeves is surfing on a motorbike in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad. Reeves, who uses Squarespace to hoster the website for his Arch Motocycle firm, did the trip himself, the firm says.

Is Squarespace's fifth Super Bowl commercial in a row. The firm's Super Bowl ad played with John Malkovich last year and tried to retrieve JohnMalkovich.com from a cybersquater. Whereas Squarespace was able to compete against web services rival like GoDaddy and Wix.com in the Super Bowl in previous years, the Super Bowl has so far been open.

Is it possible to advertise on my website? - Square help

While we don't have integrated advertising integration, you can serve advertisements on your site through third-party advertising such as Google AdSense. When you place advertisements, you are ensuring that their contents comply with our conditions of use and the acceptable use policy. In this manual, the use of a block of extended coding is included as a workaround.

They can use blocks of codes during a test version. In order to view advertisements on your website, log in to a third-party ad serving company. Insert on your Squarespace site codes from the ad serving site into blocks of codes. AdSense is a beloved third-party advertising tool. In order to use it, you must first enable your Google AdSense using your own codes injection:

On the Squarespace Start menu, click Preferences, click Extended, and then click Enter Password. Insert the Google AdSense in the Header box. Insert the ad on your website by inserting the source into blocks of codes. Please note: Third-party adjustments, such as embedding displays, are not covered by our extensive technical assistance.

As these are code-based implementations, we cannot warrant that they will be functional or fully compatible with Squarespace. These include how the advertisements work with our response designs, especially their look on portable equipment and whether they work on all template. Third parties' modifications may also lead to problems viewing our site in connection with upcoming upgrades.

Find out about best practice for user-defined add-ons. Please refer to our general guidelines for third-party customization. If you need help with your ad serving services, please get in touch. Please have a look at Squarespace Answers, our client and development forums. You should consider consultation with a square specialist. Square Space provides a free $100 Google Ads balance for new Google Ads subscription customers spending $25 or more.

See Redeem your Google Ad balance for more information.

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