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Add your company name and address - Square help Within the Settings for Company Information section, you can enter your company's company contacts, hourly and fiscal ID. Company Name and Address - Shows on bills and in the bottom of e-mail campaign and e-mail alerts from Commerce. Fiscal Recording - View on bills. Telephone number, geographical position, e-mail address and opening times - Displayed on your website in some template and can be displayed in a mobile information bar.

Even though these boxes are mandatory, if you are selling on your website, we suggest that you include at least your company name and your company address. These guidelines address frequently asked issues, such as what to do if you do not yet have a company name or address. It is recommended that you talk to an expert to assess the regulatory impact on your company.

Posting your company name and address will help increase customer confidence and can eliminate email campaigns, order and shipment confirmation, and filtering spams. Furthermore, the inclusion of this information may help you to comply with regulatory compliance such as the FTC CAN-SPAM Act. You should provide a current mailing address for your company address.

So if you don't have a place of residence that you would like to share (e.g. if you work from home), there are some possibilities. Because the address of your mailbox is separated from your personally identifiable information, many individuals consider this a good return on investments. All of these proposals must be made sure that you have authorization to use the address and get post there:

Galleries or shops - If you are selling your articles somewhere with a real address. Third- If there is a professional representative, such as an agency or managing director. Please note: Do not use a forged address as this may contravene laws such as the CAN-SPAM Act which may lead to fines.

Make sure you fill in the box with your address. Use the same address for both. Your name will help your clients recall your trademark and look for you on the web and in their e-mail archive. While it is best to specify a legitimate company name, you can skip this box if you do not have one.

After you select a company name, insert it in the settings for company information. Tip: If you are in the United States, the U.S. Small Business Association has proposals for the registration of your company name. E-mail campaign is fully customisable.

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