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Invite a participant - Square help Anyone with a Squarespace login who can login and work on your site is a contributor. When you' re not the only one managing your site, ask them to join you and then manage what they can see by giving them privileges. If a new participant cannot take the call, please go to Take a participant call for bug fixing and hints.

Administrators and website users are the only ones who can join. Inside the website's own and cover sheet's plans (set), you can include a collaborator (for a combined of two people, plus the page owner). No additional registrations of participants are allowed on car park pages. On the Invite Participants page, click. The Invite Invite contributor screen appears. In the Invite constructor box, type the name and adress of the participant.

Then, select the checkboxes to grant permission(s) to the contributors, depending on how they will add to your site. You can find more information about what the individual authorization levels can reach under Square Room Authorizations. Press Submit to submit your invite. The participant will be sent an e-mail inviting them to login to their Squarespace accounts or set up a new one.

Failure of the invitee to receive your invite e-mail will result in the invitee checking their spamming mail or searching for no-reply@squarespace.com. In case you still do not receive the e-mail, you can click on your contribution under Invitations sent and copy the link. When you need to modify the contributor's privileges before they are accepted, click their name in the Sent Invitations area.

To stop the individual from accessing your Web site, if you typed the incorrect e-mail or do not want to Invite the attendee, browse down and click Remove the invitation. Then you can proceed as above to redispatch a revised request if necessary. To help your new entrant get off to a good start, please submit our Accept a Participant Einladung guidelines.

Once a collaborator has accepted the invite, you can process their authorizations or delete them as a collaborator. Contributors who want to modify their name, e-mail addresses, or profiles can do so.

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