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Squarespace Analytics App gives you access to important website metrics and insights on the go. Squarespace is committed to supporting our customers by developing tools that help them make informed business decisions. I am so happy to announce the brand new Squarespace Analytics app for IOS and Android.

Secarespace Analytics App - Secarespace Help

The Squarespace Analytics App allows you to display the most important stats for your Squarespace pages from a portable phone. Analytics App must be connected to an activated Squarespace 7 location. The Squarespace 5 locations are not support. Site-owners, administrators and reporters with rights can use the app. For more information about privilege sets, see the explanation of privilege sets for squares.

Recently updated analytics can be viewed off-line. You will need an online browser to update your information, however. This app uses datacards to display the same information that you can see in Analytics on a desktop. This statistic can help you find out more about how your website traffic interacts with your site.

Various maps of your site appear for different maps and help you concentrate on the most important information for your site. If, for example, you are a blogsman on a website map, you may want to check your most favorite contents, the sizes of your audiences, and the websites that link to you.

When you have a business in a commerce deal you will probably want to monitor your top selling items and all your left shopping basket stats. When you' re not sure what map you're on, sign in to your website on a wallpaper and verify your subscription window. You can find more information under Which map is right for me?

Whilst the app mainly mirrors what you see on a desk top, there are a few differences: This app does not contain maps for search engine or page search queries. This app contains seperate maps for device type and top products. They can be found on a wallpaper, but they are not in their own panel.

This app does not contain analysis for Squarespace email campaigns that are only in the email campaign dashboard. Popular Content and RSS Subscribers use different filtering on a single screen, so your information may look different when you switch between the two apps. Analytics App for Android needs Android 5. 0 or higher.

More recent releases of the Analytics App for iOS (v2. 0 and above) are available only for iOS 10+. Former apps ( v1.3. 3 and earlier) are available under iOS 9+. If you need help signing in, please go to the I can't sign up page. For more information, see Secure your Double Taktor Authenticated Accounts.

Synchronize and display one page at a time-and then click the "Synchronize" button. Touch Help again to search the instructions, or touch Contacts to open an e-mail pass.

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