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How to use Google Analytics with Squarespace - Squarespace Help Leverage our integrated integrations to link your website to Google Analytics to create traffic-tracking and other reports. In order to get started, you need a Google Analytics subscription. Please note: This is an integrated Google Analytics solution. In order to link Google Analytics to your website: Type your Google Analytics ID for this website in the Google Analytics bank info field.

You can find help locating this ID in the Google doc. In order to link Google Analytics to your website: Type your Google Analytics account number for this website. You can find help locating this ID in the Google doc. Up to 24 hrs may take to fill in website stats in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will register a page as a page call every single times you previeve a page when you're signed in. Unless you want your visitor information to be combined with information from your visitor, you can use Google Analytics to set a filtering mechanism to prevent your Internet Protocol (IP) address being used. For more information on how to do this, please refer to Google's exclusion policy.

That' a shift from Google Analytics' interaction with Squarespace 6. When you use Google Analytics to keep tabs on your e-commerce shop's converting process, Squarespace will send the following information to Google Analytics for each order it receives: You can find more help in the Google doc. In order to terminate the connection to Google Analytics: Clear your Google Analytics account number field with your Tracking-ID.

Differences always exist between any two analysis plattforms, depending on how each one is structured to compute the results. When you are signed in, Squarespace no longer counts your own data when you are in. While Google Analytics does this, you can create a filters to block certain IPs. Both Squarespace and Google Analytics have various actions to block non-human visitors such as web browsers and robots.

Squarespace always calculates the numbers from your full traffic level, regardless of your viewer numbers. Some numbers in Google Analytics can be estimations using a random sampling of people. For more information, see the Google doc. We have different nightly browse session approach on our platform, extending beyond the middle of the nights when a user begins on your site before middle of the nights and ends the next up.

On Squarespace, a unique meeting that crosses the middle of the night threshold is counted as one attendance. Google Analytics splits a unique user experience that exceeds the middle of the night limit into two each. Several Squarespace customers who are tracking revenues on both sites have said that Google Analytics sometimes missed some orders.

Using our sources, we are able to detect a referring site on the basis of the last click of a user. It has a similar methodology with some exception. Because of these discrepancies, the amount of visitors you see directly in Squarespace Analytics may be greater than what you see in Google Analytics. Notice: In Google Analytics you may see visitors from a web page with the extension /? sqsscreenshot=true, which you can ignore.

Visitors come from a utility that takes a screenshots of the website in your Account Dashboard.

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