Squarespace and Square up

Quadratic space and square upwards

Note: Squarespace developers can embed Ecwid to accept payments with Square. High performance features and easy setup, running an online store should not be so much fun! ECOWID and Square | Square Support Center Ecwid's practical utilities allow you to quickly establish your shop and win new clients. The only way to immediately build a nice and efficient shop from your square stock and smoothly integrate it into a website or Facebook page - or several websites on-line, Ecwid is the only way. Get started now for free, quickly build your own shop and sell anywhere, at any time, today!

Please note: Squarespace developer can use Ecwid to receive Square transactions. In order to start your Ecwid and Square integration: Sign in to your Ecwid Dashboard. Choose Settings and then Pay. Locate the square and click Setup Square. Login with your square user name and your login name. Square and Ecwid are able to link with each other.

This can also be done via the Square Dashboard if you wish: Sign in to your Square Dashboard. Browse down to the eCommerce section and find Ecwid. Square and Ecwid are able to link with each other. Choose on the next page I already have an Ecwid shop and login with your Ecwid user name and code.

With Ecwid you can create your site for free and charge Square's 2.9% + $0.30 charge for each transactions carried out in your store. With one click, square payment is configurated, real-time synchronization of your stock, catalogue, customers and order information is setup, and you can administer your offline/online store through your square dashboard.

With Ecwid you have all the functions you need to be able to successfully and simply advertise your products and services on-line. Ewid processing transactions are displayed in your transactions histories on your square dashboard and are contained in your CSV transactions. Find out more about displaying and download your Square paying behavior on-line. If you ask a question, get an answer, and listen to other Square vendors using Ecwid for their on-line sale, you'll be able to find out more.

ECOWIDD functions, sevices and subscription are directly administered by ECOWIDD.

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