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You can download a list of all websites that use Squarespace in Australia. and square room accounting - Square room help Goods & Service Levy, or GST, is a levy on goods and provision of goods and related utilities to Australia's population. GST in Australia is 10%. Australia's legislation demands that we levy GST from qualified Australians. You can find further information in the documents of the Australia Taxation Office.

You are an Australia company that has signed up with the Australia Taxation Office for GST and can request a waiver from GST payment to Squarespace.

In order to be eligible, you must: These guidelines contain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and guidance on our GST capture proces. Please note: If you need help gathering GST with Squarespace Commerce, please refer to the Collect VAT or GST page. When you are living in Australia and do not confirm that you are GST enrolled, all payment made to Squarespace from July 2017 onwards will be charged a 10% GST fee.

The same applies to all services offered by us for a fee, as well as yours: The GST only applies to purchases made to Australia customers. However, if you are an Australia company incorporated to GST, you can request GST waiver by submitting the following information: To get help requesting the leave, please complete the following procedure.

When you operate a website for a company and are excluded from the GST Collections, we encourage you to do so. In the event that our system does not recognise your Australia Company Number after the following procedures, please verify that it is correct on the website of the Australia Company Register. Please note: Only perform these procedures if you have enrolled in the GST Australia Taxation Office.

You cannot input your billing information if you are entering an ABN number but are not logged in. You already have for Squarespace pages: Make sure Australia is chosen from the Country drop-down list. Type in your GSTN and if you are registering for Australia GST, check the box to explain this.

When operating several Squarespace offices in the following jurisdictions, please follow these instructions separately for each location. New Squarespace pages: In order to verify that your Australia Number is valid and properly reformatted, use the Australia Register validating tools. If you are not an Aussie citizen, our GST debt collecting service does not work for you.

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