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What can I do to build a bilingual website with directories? No, I don't want to use localization. The general rule for building a multi-lingual website, I know, is to have a front page and then have that front page point to a file or index that you have in each one. The problem is that apparently you can't put directories in directories or indexes and some of my pages are in directories.

Can I work around this problem to have my website available in two different language versions? Depending on the level of detail of your website and your submission. What kind of templates do you use? What are you using files for? The Multilingualizer is much easier to deploy than the Squarespace suggestion. Any translation is kept on the page and the multilingualizer conceals those that your user doesn't need to see.

Easily understandable code

At this point you should have a number of English and Spain navigational hyperlinks. Essentially, this is to set up a tag on the basis of the web address we have set up for each page, and remove automatic tags that do not contain that bar. Omit elements: I' ve added an exclude box for elements that you always want to be displayed.

It is a more sophisticated alternative. Skript now excludes pages that do not contain a linguistic preference in the HTML tag. Hint: The standard langauge is displayed for pages that are released for all supported browsers. Now there is an area where the link "Homepage/Logo" can be updated to the corresponding linguistic homepage.

Just insert the linguistic preference to the "if statement" and refresh the address. "<font color="#ffff00">lang-"> "nav [class*='collection'],nav[class*='folder']],nav[class*='index']" ; "" . ; 'a[href="/"]'' ). "Lang-" '''. "Lang-" '''. "multilingual long." "multilingual long." "Except-me, Exclude-me a" ).

excluding'); '. sqs-svg-icon--list a,. excluding'); '.multilingual:not(". lang-' ',. excluding")' ) ) ). So let's insert a small piece of coding to include an English/Spanish switches link. The following introductory key introduces a with two hyperlinks at the top of the page. You should have an optional feature to deactivate the load of Ajax in the style editor.

Please note: A good choice for a switch is to use a cover page, setting this page as the home page, and a button for each one. This is another way to display flagging and the switchover. There' a link to a large repository that makes this really simple... flagicon-css Please check the page for the correct source for adding it to the category, it probably differs from the source files.

"Style sheet" "text/css" "https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/flag-icon-css/2.6.0/css/flag-icon. css" "css" $('body'). prepend(' "language" "/en/home" "lang-en" "flag-icon flag-icon-icon-us" "/es/inicio/" "lang-es" "flag-icon flag-icon flag-mx" ') ; Schritt 6. Now you should have a working multilingual website that can be used on any Squarespace artwork. "Languages a. lang-en"). "Languages a. Lang-es"). "<font color="#ffff00">lang-"> "nav [class*='collection'],nav[class*='folder']],nav[class*='index']" ; "" . ; 'a[href="/"]'' ).

"Long-" '''. "Long-" '''. "multilingual long." "multilingual long." "Except-me, Exclude-me a" ). excluding'); '. sqs-svg-icon--list a,. excluding'); '.multilingual:not(". lang-' ',. excluding")' ) ) ). "Languages a. lang-en"). "Languages a. Lang-es").

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