Squarespace Blog Review

Blog Review Squarespace

Yes, the blogging features of Squarespace are among the best in the web building industry. Here is an example of a square blog:. Is Squarespace an effective blogging platform? Blogs are becoming more and more important in relation to business relations and relationships. Fortunately, blogs on Squarespace are an optional feature - but how good is it for an optional feature?

To use Squarespace to create a blog, you need to evaluate how much features the site provides and how simple it is to blog regularly on Squarespace.

Blog on Squarespace: Well enough for your blog? Squarespace's blog function can be found in the "Content Manager", which can be accessed via the side bar on the right. You can then click on "Add page" and choose "Blog". As soon as your blog page is up and running - what you've done in seconds - SquareSpace lets you get started right away.

The only thing you have to do is click on "Add post" in the upper right area. Then you can enter your blog posts heading and all the text you want. You can also experiment with Squarespace's rich contents blocks option. Part of these contents blocks option are the insertion of more text areas, items, cards, menus, video, gallery, social button, Flickr widget, Instagram widget and much more.

It' all as simple as choosing the contents pad you want to use. As soon as you have inserted your texts, video and other pads, you can start publishing your blog entry. Once you have created a few blog postings, your blog manager page begins to fill up. There is a clearly arranged table showing all your contributions with some small detail and the possibility to further process them.

There are also some convenient add-ons available for squarespace blogs. Those added features really help round out the Squarespace blogspace experiences so that they can go beyond normal blogposting. In order to give you an idea of the good and evil that Squarespace blogs have to offer, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages below.

Blog listing views are easily understandable and therefore simple to use. Enormous amount of contents that make embedded video, cards, menu and so on a breeze. A long line-up of options like tags and adjustable web links to give your blog some extra detail when you need it.

There is no possibility to switch between HTML and graphical modes as with most other blogs. There is no previews for blog posts. Altogether, blogs on Squarespace - like the Rest of the Plattform - are easy. While there are no technological possibilities to be baffled with, all extra features are fully available.

In addition, Squarespace's distinctive block of contents make it easy to add items such as video and community button blogs. When you are looking for a highly developed blogsite, Squarespace's shortage of HTML and posting preview actions can keep you back. But when it comes to simple blogs, there's not much Squarespace can't do.

Squarespace is a free 14-day evaluation version of Squarespace, so you can start using your Squarespace website today.

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