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The soap manufacturer Greater Goods creates its website with Squarespace. Square room: In half the timeframe you can build a beautiful location. Anyone who likes to install and apply safety patch and manage website build bandwith? Square Space is your all-in-one answer to these problems. The only thing you have to do is load up your contents, adjust your designs and you are there.

Imagine Squarespace as your own IT division, with free, unrestricted webhosting, world-class secure, corporate infrastructures, and round-the-clock service.

Square space sites look breathtaking, no matter what your devices or screens. Your award-winning artwork is the most beautiful way to present your company or your name. You have more than 45 beautiful designs to chose from. Square space registrations begin at $20/year and can be a maximum of $70/year. Your domainname will always be renewed for the same amount without any additional charges.

Free user-defined domainname for one year with yearly website or shop on-line purchase). Create and configurate SSL certificate for your domains for free. The SSL means that your connection to your Squarespace site is safe and your Google ranking is improved. Squarespace believes that you should be able to monitor how much of your personally identifiable information is disclosed on-line.

Receive personal assistance from skilled experts, specifiers and technicians with in-depth Squarespace expertise. Wikipedia is a web site created to help you build your capabilities in the field of consumer experiences for a more user-friendly environment.

New TV campain "Build It Beautiful" presented by Squarespace & B&B

Squarespace, a web developer that has been advertising in the Super Bowl for two years, today presents three new TV commercials for small companies with a new campaign: "Build It Beautiful. "The TV commercials were produced by the SpecialGuest advertising company and use slower pace technology to catch the essential elements of a website that combine to create a ready-made solution for genuine Squarespace clients.

These include Squarespace's Apothecary Café and Wine Bar clients, Greater Goods, which produce genuine cosmetics, and Legend, which sell handbags, jewellery and household goods. Squarespace took a completely different stance to his two Super Bowl performances in the new album. Instead of showing off locals or discussing its website service, Squarespace and its advertising company have used slower pace movies to showcase current product on client sites that fly in disorder through the skies and come together at the end of the ads to form a ready-made website.

"Aaron Duffy, SpecialGuest's Creative Manager, said one of the key concepts we wanted to work with was the concept of the project - making things beautiful. "One of the most important techniques was to produce very slowly moving images. Slowing things down, really complicated, beautiful things happen in the picture.

" Thus, for example, fruits, blossoms, cheeses and wines are moved through the atmosphere in deceleration at the location of the pharmacy café and winebar. Pierced apple kernels, droplets of redwine and single blooms hover through the room and then melt at the end of the stain into a ready place on a desk.

At the end of the commercial there is an audio and a voice-over that says: "Isn't it nice when things just come together? Building a beautiful website with Squarespace. "SpecialGuest used a Phantom Flex4K camcorder to produce the commercials and recorded 1,000fps. In the apothecary commercial, the company began with a laid dinner consisting of a platter of fruits and cheeses, a jar of redwine and a flowerbed.

He used an aerial gun to "inflate" the items on the desk and only used a single cam to take the pictures, which he then processed to produce the inverted movement sequences in which everything comes together again. "They' re true clients, and we wanted the whole thing to have a sense of genuineness.

" Squarespace's CEO, David Lee, said the new ad campaigns build on the brand's existing commitment to delivering true client experiences. "At the top end, such as in our recent Super Bowl drive, we're working with high-profile personalities like Jeff Bridges to help shape a new project or company," he said.

This year' s Super Bowl edition of Squarespace features a 30-second commercial entitled "Dreaming with Jeff", designed by Wieden & Kennedy, in which Jeff Bridges, the famous German actress, participated and advertised his Squarespace website, which offers stream and album music under the name " Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes". Last year's first Super Bowl ad in Squarespace was a 30-second commercial entitled "A Better Web Awaits" that showed what a scary and messy place the web can be, with nasty pop-up posters and vicious virus attack.

Squarespace can of course make the network less messy. Mr Lee noted that "Build It Beautiful" was mentioned during the Jeff Bridges Super Bowl advertising campaigns. Although the slogan was not in the TV commercial, it appears on the bottom of the Jeff Bridges Squarespace page. "He said, "The whole point is that every notion, no matter what it is, should be brought into the realm in a beautiful way.

"Build It Beautiful," we thought it was really important to show how small companies use our site to do astonishing things and party as well. "Mr Lee said Squarespace is still analysing its Super Bowl 2016 policy. "Overall, the Super Bowl was awesome for us in regards to our reputation," he said.

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