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We' ve also introduced the subscription options available to small businesses. Selecting the right site map - Site Help Selecting the right schedule will ensure that you have the functionality you need for your website. Staff and business planning is perfect for web sites, while retail-oriented basic and advance planning offers more functionality for on-line shops. They can be subscribed to for an annuity or per month settlement period. They can also buy your website through Squarespace and reserve your website with a site of your own.

Each Squarespace Schedule includes a free customized top level domains for the first year. In order to run a test version, please go to www.squarespace.com. In order to update your test page to one of these schedules, please go to Payed Services Upgrades. It is also possible to toggle between schedules as your requirements evolve. Please note: Sometimes we modify our schedule offers to provide the best group functionality for our clients.

Blueprints on this page mirror our latest subscription and upgrade opportunities. Are you a continuous Squarespace client, you may have logged in with an older map. Although we still endorse older schedules, you may be interested in an upgrade to take advantage of newer functionality. For more information, please go to What plant are I on?

The settlement schedules only affect single locations. When you have more than one Squarespace site, you are paying for each one individually, and each one has its own schedule. There are no multi-site schedules. Our actual prices for all these maps can be found on our price list.

They can buy a Squarespace Domains to book a url without creating a complete website. Your domainname will be redirected to the Squarespace park page, a minimalistic park page with your domainname in the middle and a Squarespace emblem in the upper part. Ideally, this should be used if you are not willing to build a website but want to occupy a place on the web.

Staff and business planning offers a range of features ideally suitable for most advanced web pages. They can also have a small store without all the chimes and pipes of the commerce management schedules. Employee planning is well suitable for smaller locations with one or two participants. When you are an individuals or a small group that wants to exhibit work, create a blogsite, share information or build a simple web site, the Staff Planning should suit your needs.

The most important functions include: The business roadmap enables limitless payers for more resilient websites and provides support for premier capabilities such as Squarespace Commerce, user-defined coding and integrated integration with third-party service providers. When you need rich editorial or administrative resources, the business roadmap is a cost-effective way to build and maintain a website.

Ideally, this schedule is perfect for exhibiting your work, making a home for your business and marketing your product on a small online storefront (for example, if you are an artists who sells print or a ribbon who sells goods). Businessplan uses the same retail style and ordering process as Commerce business models, so you can still keep a limit on the number of articles you can buy, but with simpler functionality.

Contains all functions of the personnel schedule, plus: There are two levels of commerce planning, the Basic and Advance. They are both for smaller merchants new to e-commerce and bigger shops with sophisticated merchandising and mail order needs. Essential support for smaller companies and e-commerce merchants that do not require enhanced integration for mail order or merchandising.

Contains all functions of the business planning, plus: If you are a large eCommerce store that processes many orders and requires enhanced shipment and merchandising capabilities, the Advance-Plan provides a complete suite of cutting-edge sales tooling. Contains all functions of the Commerce Basic program, plus: Squarespace website maps are all available in either a yearly or monthly subscription cycle, so you can choose an alternative that works best for you.

With a yearly subscription schedule, the median per month costs are lower and you can sign up for a free one-year customized registration year.

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