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To use a customized domains e-mail that you already own with Squarespace - Squarespace Help User-defined domains can have their own email adresses. If your website is, for example, info@yoursitename.com., your e-mail e-mail could be info@yoursitename.com.

And if you've already associated an email with a user-defined Domain that you use with Squarespace, you can still use it with your existing email hosting or move it from Google to G Suite.

In this manual, both choices that work are explained, regardless of whether you are using a third-party or a Squarespace domains. When you are satisfied with your email experience, you are likely to want to continue using it, especially if you have linked the associated third-party domains to Squarespace. As this e-mail is separated from Squarespace, it does not influence the functioning of your website.

To use G Suite instead of your email service you can change the preferences of your website. Integrate to help you track G Suite accounting within your own website and gain Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive support. Tip: If you do not yet have a user-defined e-mail e-mail account for your domains, we suggest that you register for the G Suite via Squarespace.

In order to refresh the email addresses associated with your site, please go to Refresh Your Email address. In order to continue using your existing email providers, you can still link a third-party domains to Squarespace without interfering with your email services. Linking your domains to Squarespace only includes changes to CNAME and A entries, so if your domains providers also host your email, it is not necessary to customize your name servers or MX entries.

Please note: Your email service may be different from your own domains. When your email service has asked you to use its standard name servers instead of those of your email service providers, use the email service provider's DNA entries to associate your domains with Squarespace. It is recommended that you contact your email service for assistance in processing these data sets.

When you use a Squarespace domain, you can continue to use a third-party e-mail company by including the MX record in your e-mail in your domainsettings. In order to use the G-Suite instead of your existing email vendor, you can set up a G-Suite email management tool to administer your emails through a customized Gmail email management tool.

It allows you to keep the same email addresses, but will create a completely new user profile with new inbox and accounting information administered by Squarespace. As soon as you are setup with G Suite, terminate the subscription with your initial email carrier. If you sign up for the G Suite via Squarespace, you can administer your email statement on your Squarespace website, but you can still use the Google user-interface to access your email, calendar and document information.

Allows you to associate your suite with a third-party or Squarespace domains. To make the move smooth, please set up your G-Suite with Squarespace before canceling your subscription with your email hosting provider. Make sure you have a domainname on your Squarespace site, either from a third-party domainname or a user-defined Squarespacesdomain.

While you are in the process of migrating a domain to Squarespace, make sure the migration is completed and you have followed our policies for migrating your email datasets before you set up your own suite. Don't unsubscribe from your email client's latest email services and don't customize MX listings on your email provider's site until your G-Suite deployment is over.

You will need administrative privileges on both your email and Squarespace sites to switch to the suite. In order to send news, contact, or other contents from your email address, please be aware that transmission compliance will depend on your email service and the type of files you are using. First of all, set up your G-Suite balance.

To keep your e-mail mail addresses up and running, use the same customized application you use. If you are using a third-party hosting domain, perform the Supplementary Third-party Domains Step to add MX Entries to your provider's preferences. As a result, new e-mails can be forwarded to your new G-Suite emailbox.

When you use a Squarespace domain, Squarespace does it for youutomatically. After you have customized the MX record, some e-mails sent to your email adress will go to your new G-Suite email adress, while others will go to the old one. Email service sometimes caches the old MX entries, so this is what is anticipated.

Prior to shutting down your old email accounts, you should check whether your existing email vendor is supporting the export of email, contact, or other contents to the G Suite. In 72 hrs, you can unsubscribe from your initial provider's email program if all of the following applies: When your email is associated with a Squarespace domain, delete all MX record (s) from your prior email vendor, but no G Suite MX record.

When your e-mail is associated with a third-party domains (such as GoDaddy or 1&1), do not stop the services for that domains and do not modify MX record (s) that you have added for your suite. Abort e-mail only. Once you have cancelled the subscription with your current supplier, all new e-mails will be forwarded to your G-Suite emailbox.

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