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Publishers and web professionals should use Squarespace. Create an Info Page - Square Help The manual contains hints on how to add an About page to your Squarespace page. Tip: If you're working in a new website, your submission may already have a demonstration info page that you can copy so that you can go to stage 2. When your style sheet comes with this page, open it, click Edit, and then click Add to your news item to adjust the sample contents.

For more information about demonstration contents, see Working with demonstration contents. Choose a start page then. Blanks is an empty shale where you can combine various types of block to create a customized look from text, pictures, and contents. Approximately three designs with a mixture of text, headings, and pictures.

Substitute wildcards with your own contents or go beyond the initial layouts by inserting and reordering them. To begin the process of creating your own edits, click Begin edit. In the following paragraphs you will find the general block descriptions that can be found on the About pages. In order to insert one of these block, click on an insertion point or the + symbol and then choose from the block menu.

See the section Managing your block. You can use picture pads to include pictures such as head shots, collaborative shots, and other visually rich items. Combine these pictures with text pads, even hovering pictures in transformed text, to make your own designs. You can use quotation pads to include quotations from customers that you want to differentiate from other texts.

Use a Grid Gallery block to view past customer or customer logotypes. Use click-through ULs to associate any of your logotypes with customers' Web sites. Once you've completed your block addition process, simply Drag and drop your block (s) across the page to make a customized look. For more information on how to move a block, see Move a Block or Creating a Page.

Ultimate guide to the sale of Squarespace websites to customers

Our company was founded on WordPress as it was the best choice on the openarket. While most of our customers were satisfied with it, over the years we found that the high-priced label for a basic website rejected many new leads we couldn't buy.

At that time we opted to introduce Squarespace as an alternate to WordPress. Squarespace's introduction theme is so extensive that I chose to split it into 4 blogs. I' m starting this blogs posting franchise by speaking about the unrealistic concerns that kept us back when we thought about introducing Squarespace.

I' m going on to explain a case in part 2 why Squarespace is better for both your clients and you, the agent. Though Squarespace is not a magic wand, I think it has many good reasons against other CMS like WordPress and Drupal: Continuing to explain how creating Squarespace sites for customers will require a different approaches to distribution and customer relations as well.

I' ll conclude this episode by explaining why there is an option for agents to take over Squarespace and become affiliates. Squarespace wants to use the new online marketplace CIRCLE to grow beyond the "do-it-yourself" website marketing space and pursue the "do-it-for-me" marketing space for which they need you.

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