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Compare two top CMS platforms, WordPress and Squarespace, to help you decide which is best for your web project. Beginning with Squarespace FAQ - Squarespace Help Squarespace? What is Squarespace? A Squarespace account includes what? Squarespace is right for me?

What does Squarespace charge? Is it possible to switch from another plattform to Squarespace? Could someone make my site for me? May I use Squarespace in my own state? Can I get.squarespace.com out of my own address book?

New to Squarespace, this manual will answer frequently asked question about the Squarespace service, the features we deliver and how to get there. Squarespace? What is Squarespace? Square space is a way to create sites. On a yearly or even on a monthly basis, we give you a range of template and toolkits that you can use to create your own website - without programming or web programming expertise.

A Squarespace account contains what? Square Space is an all-in-one CMS (Content Mangement System). Just one sign-up and you can build a website, post your contents, sign up your domain, resell your product and much more. Each full Squarespace plan includes: Web site creation utilities - Use our drag-and-drop utilities to easily append text, pictures, and other information to your website and build one without having to edit the source directly.

Web site hosted services - All Squarespace contents are hosted on our resilient networkware. Professional Design Patterns - Patterns blend unparalleled functionality and style into coherent packs. They can change the template at any moment. SEO - Squarespace autogenerates site maps, uses neat HTML markups, and uses automated tags to allow SEOs to index your contents without plug-ins or additional charges.

Square Space Analysis - Analyze your website's analysis to better identify visitor behavior, recommendation resources, and other important indicators. Join Google analytics through our integrated integrations to find out more. User-defined Domainname - Register your own domainname via Squarespace from over 200 different TDLDs. Receive a free one-year one-year domainname with an year' worth of subscriptions or move a domainname you already own.

E-mail by Google Suite - Get your own e-mail e-mail like by signing up for Google via Squarespace for Google Suite. Enhanced Commerce Capabilities - Certain enhanced capabilities, such as Abandoned Checkout Recovery and Commerce Analytics, are exclusively available for the Commerce Aplan. A complete listing of functions can be found in our Features Index and in this Help Center you can find instructions on the many functions of Squarespace.

Squarespace is right for me? Everybody has individual needs for their website, so there is a way to know if Squarespace is right for you: Try it out! There is a free 14-day evaluation version available so you can discover our site, start creating a website and determine if you are willing to sign up for Squarespace.

More than a million websites and countdown make Squarespace a home for creatives, blogs, wedding planners, small towns cafes, and retailers. What does Squarespace charge? When you are a pupil or lecturer at a partner language institute, you can participate in our Squarespace Education Program. Tip: If you are creating a non-profit website, type IN NOTHING at the cashier to get 10% of your first deposit.

If you need help, please go to Redeem a promotional key for Squarespace.

You can customize all our layouts. You can see how demonstration contents represent functions and possible themes on the page with the presentations. It is recommended to pay more heed to the texture and styling of a document than to the sample contents. Trial contents are for your convenience, but the basic layout of the templating is what brings your website to live.

They can change the template at any moment. Is it possible to change from another plattform to Squarespace? So if you already own a domainname or have a website host with another vendor, you can use these option to change to Squarespace: Own a domainname - you can move your domainname to Squarespace.

When you already have a website - If you have a website with WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger, you can export your blogs to Squarespace. Otherwise, since Squarespace is its own plattform, you will have to recreate your website with our template and tool. When you already have an on-line shop - If you have an on-line shop with Shopify, Big Cartel or Etsy, or can create a product listing in one. If you can create your own product listing, you can bring your product to Squarespace and then create your website with our template and tool.

Could someone make my site for me? Whilst Squarespace is ideal for a dedicated web design solution, many web design professionals have specialized in creating Squarespace pages for customers. In order to find someone to create a website for you, use our matching services to recruit a specialist. When you create a website yourself, our Customer Care team is available around the clock to help you solve your problems.

May I use Squarespace in my own state? Headquartered in the United States, Squarespace is available worldwide. The use of our commerce functions require the connection to a sponsored payments service providers, Stripe or PayPal. See Squarespace Commerce Assisted Nations and Money for more information on global assistance. There is no registry available for our Landcode LanguageLDs ( ccTLDs ), but you can link these domain names if they are hosted by another vendor.

The Squarespace site is technical ready, because even test site can be seen by typing a Captech. Each Squarespace page contains a built-in domainnameURL which ends with .squarespace.com. Instead, to use a user-defined domain, you can use: As soon as you have a user-defined top-level domain like , your domain.com, your visitor will always see your main top-level domains at the top of the browsing pane, unless they explicitly browse your built-in .squarespace.com url.

Due to safety reasons, you will always see your built-in domains in the web browser's addressbar when you are signed in, even if you have a user-defined domains. When you are done trying Squarespace, register for a free evaluation. Is Squarespace able to help my highly frequented website? Squarespace is an expert in the field of the Squarespace space and can help you determine if Squarespace is the right for you.

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