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Export your website - Squarespace Help Which contents are exported? It is possible to extract certain contents from your Squarespace page to a .xml format table. It is useful if you want to be able to import your contents into WordPress. We do not always create exports, because many functions are based on JavaScript and CSS of our platforms.

Please note: Squarespace is not optimised for the import of contents between Squarespace 7 pages.

The import of contents from one Squarespace site to another Squarespace site can lead to incorrect picture link and other problems. To get the best results, we suggest that you keep your Squarespace page running while you export and import your contents into WordPress. In case you have problems to import into WordPress, you can download or copy contents such as pictures and texts directly from your Squarespace page.

Once your imports have been completed successfully, you can terminate your website if necessary. And if you are planning to use WordPress Importer to bring your Squarespace contents into a self-hosted WordPress site, your pictures may not be migrating with the remainder of your contents. Instead, your pictures can remain directly connected to Squarespace, which means they don't appear on your website and only refer to the initial whereabouts.

In order to make sure that your pictures are fully imported and appear on your WordPress page, we suggest that you export your Squarespace contents to the Wordpress.com part of the plattform that will copy your pictures to the WordPress server. Make sure you see all your pictures in the WordPress media library after your imports. When you don't see everything, please get in touch with WordPress for more help.

For more information about each WordPress release, please refer to the document. Which contents are exported? Exports this content: Exports text from other block types such as Embed Block, Twitter Block and Instagram Block with minimal texture. These contents are not exported: Select Advanced, and then select Import/Export. Select Import.

In the WordPress window, click the WordPress symbol. Hint: If you do not want to bring the contents into the WordPress page, click the symbol anyway. You can have the resulting document in WordPress only, but you do not need to bring it into WordPress. You can only have one blog page sent. Choose a primary blog from the drop-down list, and then click Expand.

Delay until the data has been exported to the trial. It may take a few moments to do this according to the amount of information on your website. Once the exporting is completed, a download box appears. Press Download to store the .xml on your computer or Clear to delete the exported files.

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