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There are several different kinds of rebates you can have in your shop, as well as rebates for them: In order to make sure that a rebate makes good economic sense for your company, you define special regulations to generate rebates and promotions: Learn the steps to generate rebates to help you spend more and increase revenue. You can find help on rebate exclusions, rebate usage tracing, and rebate processing in Manage Rebates.

Click the + symbol in the upper right hand corner of the Rebates area. Specify a name in the Rebate Name box. That'?s what clients will see at the till. Choose from the following rebate types: Please note: Percentage rebates do not count for shipment. Please note: Reductions on the amount do not count for shipment.

Eliminate the cost of shipment for an order. Restrict the rebate to a particular delivery method, such as free two-day delivery, or extend the rebate to any delivery method you provide. Please note: Free shipment can only be applied to any order or order with rebates. Select where the rebate is valid from the dropdown list labeled Apple To.

It is possible to grant a discount on whole orders or to restrict them to a specific one. Please note: Rebates do not cover the purchase of vouchers, but may cover the purchase of a voucher. Valid for any order without limitations by products or overall prices. Please note: The discount does not exeed the amount of the order.

If, for example, the order sub-total is $40, a client can use a $40 rebate on each order, but not $41 on each order. Applicable to orders with a sub-total of the same or above a certain amount. Total sub-total is the total value of all items before taxes and shipment. Example: 15% off on orders over $100 off.

Valid for one item. Valid for each of the products in the chosen category. Choose one or more category (s) to get the rebate. In order to prevent the risks of excessive rebates, you can restrict overall usage. User-defined rebate thresholds are only available in the Commerce Advanced Plan. Clients can use the rebate indefinitely.

If you want, you can still restrict the rebate with an expiry date. Specify a rebate usage limitation for the rebate. These limits apply to the rebate itself and not to the total number of customers who can use the rebate. Activate one per client to restrict the rebate to one use per e-mail adress.

If you set Limited Uses to 10 and activate Limit one per client, for example, the rebate can be used tenfold, but only once for each client. They may request that clients use a promotion code to obtain the rebate. Or if you are in the Commerce Advanced Plan, you can choose to qualify for the rebate if the order fulfills certain requirements, no code needed.

Activate promotional code to generate a code that your customer must type to receive the rebate. Alternatively, you can click Generate to generate a casual action code. It is recommended to use brief code to make it easy for the customer to recall. Hint: Use a new, unambiguous code for each action. When you use the same promotional code as an elapsed rebate, the new code will not work.

Activate the Auto rebate checkbox to trigger the rebate to be applied immediately if the customer's order fulfills the chosen criterion without the need for a promotional code. Once the application requirements are fulfilled, clients will see the rebate at the cash register. Automated rebates are only possible within the scope of the Commerce Advanced Plans. Each rebate requires a starting date: In the Starts box, choose a starting date and a starting date for the rebate.

Customers who try to claim an elapsed rebate at the point of sale will receive an alert about this. Alternatively, activate Never elapses to prolong the rebate for an indefinite period of time. Please refer to the Manage rebates page for help in organising your current, planned and elapsed rebates. Put a item in your shopping basket and then go to cashier to see what the rebate for a client looks like.

Advertise the rebate with an announcement bar.

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