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Use a domain with Squarespace.com Link your website on Squarespace with your 1&1 domains. In just a few simple clicks, you can link your Squarespace website to your 1&1omain. First of all type the 1&1 registrated domainname into Squarespace. Then you must generate a sub-routine ( necessary for verifying purposes) and modify the DNA entry to redirect your domains to the Squarespace web servers.

Prior to making 1&1 Control Panel adjustments, you must specify the required Squarespace domainname. Sign in to your Squarespace website. Right-click CONFIGURATION in the Home screen and choose DOOMAINS under WEBSITE. On the EXTERNAL AREA page, click USE EXTERNAL AREA, type the required arena name, and then click NIGHT. Click Connect this Domains (Recommended) to Connect VIA Providers.

Choose 1&1 from the dropdown menu and click CONNECT DOOM. Your link will then be established to your domains and you will be provided with the necessary DNA-entries. In order to authenticate yourself as an authorised Squarespace owner, you must generate a CNAME to verify.squarespace.com. Just add a CNAME entry for your domainname in the 1&1 Control Panel.

The following information is required from Squarespace. Choose the required domains in the Domains pane and click under Actions on DNA. Now click ODBCCORD, and choose CNAME under Type. Allow the TTL (Time to Live) to stand at the preset 1 hr interval and click SAVE. Now click ODBCCORD, and choose CNAME under Type.

Type under Hostname www. Keep the TTL (Time to Live) at the preset 1 hours and click SAVE. In order to reroute your domains to Squarespace, you must associate your domains name with the Squarespace IP at. To do this, you need four A-Records with the following information from Squarespace.

If one or more A datasets have already been set up for the chosen domains, you must remove them before you can set up the four A datasets needed for the squarespace hyperlink. If you want to remove an A entry at any point, click on RESET in Actions. After you have cleared all available A-records, you can successively enter the four necessary A-records by following the procedure below.

When you click Adam RECORde, choose A under Typ. Allow the TTL (Time to Live) to stand at the preset 1 hr interval and click SAVE.

After you have modified all the necessary parameters, you can verify the results in your Squarespace accounts. Click on REFRESH in the list of available entries.

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