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Quadratic comments

Add a comment plugin to your Squarespace page in a few minutes. When you have a blog on your website, Squarespace can allow website visitors to comment on your blog posts. Comment Settings - Square Help Commenting is a great way to communicate with your users and create a website related social group. Comment preferences allow you to manage how comments are published, accepted, answered, and more. On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Blog.

Select the comment setting. Review the preferences you want to activate.

Activates or deactivates comments on all blogs pages. If this option is activated, further options are displayed below. Please note: Comments will be deactivated for all blogs posted before you have activated global comments. Comments for these postings can be activated in the Post Editor. Likes visitor comments. Request that admins or comment moderators authorize comments before they appear on your site.

Enables users to add comments without having to login to a Squarespace, Google+, Twitter or Facebook login. Enables users to react directly to other comments and build interlaced topics. Shows a clear profiled photo next to each comments. Users must login to a Squarespace, Google+, Twitter or Facebook user using a profiled photo.

You can activate or deactivate comments per contribution. Comments can be sorted by Newest First, Oldest First, Most Popular First, Most Popular, and least Popular. While this determines the standard order, users can also specify the order of comments. A number of weeks can be specified after which comments for this entry will be deactivated.

The fee is charged from the date of publication of the contribution. Enable Allow comments flagging to allow users to mark comments. Allows your commentator audience to combat spamming, abuse of speech, and other annotation problems. Customize the slide control to control the number of colors a voice annotation can get before it is placed on Waiting Moderation modeutomatically.

Deactivate comments for single contributions. It' a great way to add comments to your site while restricting the discussions about specific postings. Click a blog entry on a blog page. Click Comments On in the Mail Editor and turn it to Comments Off to deactivate comments for the posting.

Or, you can click Never to view option to disable comments after a specific date and at a specific hour. Please note: As an alternate to Squarespace's comment system, our Disqus integrated comment feature allows you to enhance your website with comments.

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